23 March 2011

Did I mention that I really want a boring life?

There are many reasons why I want a new house.

Not only do I want more space and I can't stand the loud neighbours to the left of us, but I have been dealing with being on the board of directors with the most unbearable women in my life.

I thought that the THREE hour meeting last night took the cake. Unfortunately it got worse.

Our property manager and I have a very good rapport. I think that she's very knowledgeable and professional. The two other board members don't agree with me. Before our meeting last night the manager and I had an off the record conversation about Yv, who is the biggest pain in the you know where. After the marathon meeting, E, the manager and I commiserated about how frustrated we were since Yv and I (who is new to the board and who is in obvious cahoots with Yv) were so unbearably obnoxious.

Both conversations were in strictest confidence and off the record.

Then I got this e-mail that was carbon copied to ALL of the BOD:

Last night the two of them, Yv and I have nearly killed me [E]. You cannot even imagine of what I went through last night with these two. The third board member, JB, told me in confidence that she is moving, because she cannot stand Yv and now her new partner I.
I almost threw up when I read her e-mail. 

I know that I should not have gossiped. I know that I am in the wrong, but I am human and I have many faults. It amazes me that I didn't kick these women out of my house last night since they had no regard for the late hour, nor their disrespectful tone.

And btw, I was also "ousted" as president, which I was more than happy to pass over to Yv.

Mr. JB has wanted me to quit for quite some time. Since Yv joined the BOD she's made a once pleasant job, the biggest chore. What I'm most afraid of is that no one else will want to volunteer to join. Yv's ridiculous behaviour scared away one of our neighbours (who was interested in joining) when he came to a meeting in the fall.

I wish that I didn't care so much. I know that these two ridiculous women are going to spend all of the money that the corporation has without regard to what the residents want.

Have I mentioned that I really want to move? The biggest problem is that all the houses that are for sale in my neighbourhood are $700 000!!!


And don't worry, I haven't forgotten that this is an IF blog.

It's Peak +15 today and it looks like AF has started. How flipping fantastic.

But in other news, I have the Ch.ildren's A.id So.ciety adoption information beside me. I feel more than a little overwhelmed. I forgot how extensive the application was.

Baby steps, right?


  1. Ugh, I hate dealing with difficult people! And I never understand WHY people have to be difficult in the first place! Don't they know it's easier to go through life with a smile on your face?

    Sorry about impending AF :(.

  2. That meeting sounds sooooo frustrating, and the email would have totally make me spin as well. Ugh. I always wonder how these adults can lack such awareness about themselves!

  3. Maybe the Lord is telling you to let go of being on the board? What is your next with Dr.T, are you going to see Hil.ger?
    Peace friend <3

  4. Wow. So sorry about that. Yes, I hope you get this extra burden off of you.

    Baby steps!

  5. Uugh. BOD's are SO fun, aren't they?? I hope you're able to move on soon!

  6. Yes, baby steps. Don't give up even though the price tag is steep. Keep at it. Keep looking, find someone who needs to sell...they are out there.

    Get out of there...baby steps on this...but make it your plan.

    Pray to St. Joseph to help you find your new home soon! He listens to every prayer.

  7. I'm so sorry that you've got all that drama with your BOD. We have a ton of drama with ours as well... maybe they are all like that?? Ugh!

    I'm always amazed at people who just whip through the adoption applications... I near had a nervous breakdown the first time I sat down to fill one out. I'm praying for you!

  8. Did she copy them on purpose or by accident? If on purpose, then she'll get her just reward when you quit and she has just them to deal with...if by accident, well, I don't know. Good luck finding a wonderful and affordable place to live! ($700,000?! Ouch!)

  9. I can definitely empathize with having difficult neighbors :( I'll spare you the details, but I know how frustrating it can be!

  10. Oh Misfit, we were copied by accident.

    E did email and call me after the fact (I emailed her personally to tell her of her error). She spent the entire conversation apologizing.

    Nevertheless, it's not worth the stress nor the aggravation.

  11. Talk about open mouth, insert foot! hahah. UNCOMFORTABLE!! Ditch the board! Decision made:)

    Baby steps...I'm proud of you. This is huge. I can imagine that needing baby steps as it is a huge move in a new direction. God is leading you where you need to be:) He has wonderful plans for you!!!!

  12. Ugh! Good riddance BOD! I think there is a difference between malicious gossip and speaking to someone about a frustration you are having. If you told her that in confidence she should NEVER have sent that, even by mistake. It's called double checking people!!

    Sorry about the high house prices. Houses in Omaha are much cheaper and I am a great neighbor. Oh, did you get my subtle hint? Haha!!

  13. UGH! Sounds sucky! Sell your place and move to my hood, still affoardable! And it would be sorta like coming home?!

  14. Oh my gosh, I would have thrown up, too! UGH!!!!

    Yes, baby steps. How about one page a day?