1 September 2010

11am (EST)

I get my thyroid and assorted Napro-related results at 11am.

Why do I want more stuff wrong with me????

I promise an update as soon as I can. Unfortunately I have to head back to school to finish up my set-up. I hate being a type A, OCD teacher.

I so want a busted thyroid (yes Sew, it is your fault!!!!).


  1. Thyroid is easy to fix (with Armour at least), so I'm hoping that the results are abnormal so you can get on treatment right away! Plus, you have all the symptoms and I know how great it would be for you to finally get confirmation of what you've suspected for so long.

    Good luck!

  2. I'm anxious to hear the results. Keep your head up! I'm praying for this:)

  3. Anxious for your results! My doctor just switched me from Synthroid to compounded T4/T3 - I am anxious to switch over and see if the new prescirption gets rid of any residual symtpoms I have.

  4. Hey. Your classroom can wait! Your bloggers need you!

  5. My ego will gladly take credit if you are fixed! hahahahahahaha

  6. Hoping all went ok. . .