13 September 2010

Ten Surprising Things -- the Procrastinator Version

That pesky girl over at All You Who Hope inspired me to write this, rather than mark my students' homework. She's such a bad influence.

Tee hee ;)

So here goes:

1) I hate to print which is not a good thing for a second grade teacher. I miss cursive writing so much. I have been complimented on my penmanship, but I think that it is such a pain in the butt to be neat while printing.

2) I wanted to be a doctor until I started university. I almost failed out my first year so I switched from Science to French. My grades skyrocketed and although my parents were really angry (they were in denial until I graduated), they were relieved when I decided to go to teachers' college since they had no idea what I would do with a degree in French!

3) I don't remember meeting Mr. JB for the first time. We were at an after school in-service and he noticed me but I had my blinders on so I don't remember him at all. Ha ha.

4) I listen to music really loud in my car, but I hate anything else that's loud. Loud TV commercials drive me around the bend and I hate any sort of loud voices or arguing. It's tough since Mr. JB has a naturally loud voice. I spend a lot of time asking him to lower his voice.

5) I love to exercise. If I didn't have to work full time I would work out EVERY DAY. When I was still living at home I would go to the gym five days a week. I figure it's the endorphins. I also have a fear of getting fat. It may have something to do with the fact that my mother has called me fat my entire life, even though I know that I'm not.

6) I speak three languages, but I am the worst translator EVER. I can only think in one language at a time.

7) I started my Ph. D studies while I was living in France. I left it all behind when I got into teachers' college back home. I don't regret it at all. I read some really good books and sat in on some interesting discussions.

8) If I could go back to school I'd get a Masters degree in Library Science or Art History. Have I mentioned that I love school?

9) I'm a neat freak, but I get totally overwhelmed with paperwork. I have so much to file right now that I have no idea where to start. My classroom, however, is perfectly organized.

10) I have owned only two cars in my entire life. My parents got me a car for my 18th birthday (the perks of being an only child) and then I got a new car when I was 29. I will continue to drive my car until it falls apart in the street then I am going to get a REALLY NICE car since I'm sick of driving a car that old ladies drive.

So that's it folks. I need to mark something before I fall asleep at my desk!


  1. Can I get some of your inspiration for #5 over here? I am seriously lacking! ;) Great list!

  2. Honestly, it's just the fear of being overweight. I've let my workout habits slide in the past year, but there is nothing like the high after a difficult class. I know, I'm strange!

  3. No kidding...I would like a little bit of #5 as well!!

    My older sister want to get a Masters in Library Science. She LOVES book and learning. I always hated that about her! HAHAHAH! I always felt like I was asking her to dumb things down a little.

  4. Haha.. There's nothing like a little peer pressure to pull you away from homework (or grading it!).

    I am the opposite when it comes to #5 & 8.. I'm jealous of your drive!

  5. Now that I have Hydrocort in me, I'm going to be unstoppable!!! ;)

  6. Amazed at the 3 languages!! English, French, and ?
    I'm impressed with your perfectly organized classroom. When I taught, my room was not... I taught in a Catholic school for one year, and the principal was a Dominican sister. She is a wonderfully sweet person, but my classroom drove her crazy! She asked me to to go through all my games to make the shelves look more tidy, and she even got down to the nitty gritty by asking me to store half of my overhead markers in a cabinet instead of in a big basket on the rolling cart... :) It was my second year teaching, so she was trying to help me, but I definitely felt a little micromanaged. :) haha

  7. Third language is Tagalog (the main dialect of the Philippines). I'm a bit rusty since I don't speak it every day, but when I'm around my family it comes back without any effort.

    I'm definitely a micromanager. That's why I teach primary!

  8. I know you were cool Jen, this proves it!

  9. #5 does not compute in my brain.

    Also, my dad speaks three languages. I only speak one. Not fair!

    I agree with Barbie, you are way cool!

  10. #5 I only wish! ;) I said the other day if I can't drop the 30 pounds at the weight I am right now, I would be okay with that...Already lowering my standards. :) hahahahaha

  11. #3- that's awesome! You would think I could speak Spanish seeing as I took it throughout high school and I took it for 5 semesters in college...but no, it never sunk in! Def not my cup of tea!!! ;)

    I wish #5 was on my list!!!

    Thanks for participating in this! It's nice to grt to know everyone a little better!

  12. totally jealous about the 3 languages and the loving working out thing! I have to absolutely force myself to work out!

  13. Ooh, I always hated school. I love learning - but I hated sitting in class, writing papers, etc. I was always pretty good at it, but got bored so easily. I do however think I'd love to be a librarian. Probably not a modern one though, but the ones I remember growing up, with the card catalogs and the old lady glasses :).

  14. I really enjoyed this post! I love exercising too - feels great, eh?! I also have lots to file.....

  15. Once upon a time I didn't mind cross country practice, but I hate excercising by myself and that's where it's at. (I've tried starting Spanish and never get very far. I think two is going to do it for me.)

  16. 3 languages? I am so impressed, I lost all my French language learning as soon as I started learing Spanish (though it did help me learn Spanish better!) what is the third?

    I wish we lived closer so we could work out together, I love working out too, I think it is the endorphins which make you happy. I can't believe your mother calls you fat?

    I could be in school forever too. I love it and love teaching :) Some people are just born students.