26 September 2009

Wiped Out

Mentally I'm doing better. Thanks to all of you for your support and prayers. Although going back to work has me in an exhausted state, I'm so glad that I'm back in the land of the living. When my class saw me on Tuesday morning they started to jump up and down. They were so excited to see me. I told them that I cried every day when I was in the hospital because I missed them so much, but I don't know if their 6 year old brains could process that.

Tuesday was a really long day because we had our Open House and Barbecue. All of the parents in my class came, with the exception of one who's kid was sick. Most of them asked me how I was doing and I gave them a vague explanation of what happened to me. One mom told me that her son was so upset that I wasn't at school that he threw up and that he didn't want to go to school because I wasn't there.

I've only worked a total of 8 school days and I'm completely exhausted. I had plans to tackle our walk-in closet for the fourth weekend in a row and I can't even imagine having the energy to do it. We had a function at church last night and I had to take a nap after to school in order to go to it. I didn't get up until 9:30am and I feel asleep at about 11pm. I was so out of it that I slept on the couch until 5am! I have to pick up the adrenal supplement that my naturopath prescribed to me. I haven't felt this tired in so long and I know that the supplements will help.

Health wise I'm feeling better. My incision was bothering me yesterday but I think it was because I was so tired. The swelling in my belly has gone down considerably and I can button up my pants for the first time since my laparatomy. The B.ella B.and was helping, but it's nice to be able to wear my clothes properly! I'm really looking forward to seeing my surgeon on Thursday. Hopefully he can shed some light on my abscess.

I've also noticed that my L.upron-related side effects are starting to subside. I'm not having as many hot flashes which is such a relief. It also helps that we've had cooler weather around here. I've also noticed a lot more cervical mucous. I've been pretty much dry as the desert since my first dose of L.upron in May so it looks like my ladyparts are starting to wake up. I have no idea when my period is going to come, but I suspect that it will be sometime later in October, but we'll see.

I guess that I have to listen to the cues that my body is giving me. I can't push myself too hard. Mr. JB is heading to a hockey game tonight so I'll have the house all to myself to watch girlie things on TV without interruption! Sounds like a pretty good night to me!


  1. I'm so glad that you are doing better. It's so sweet how much your students missed you. I hope your energy level gets back to normal soon.

  2. Yes, rest, rest, rest! I know how things like disorder and chaos (even when tucked away in a closet) can annoy, but rest, please!

    And when you've rested like a champ, maybe ask a friend or two to come by, drink some tea and eat cookies, and help with the closet project? Getting help right now will let you...wait for it...rest.

    Okay, this broken record will shut up now.

  3. Yes, definitely listen to your body.

    Your students seem like they adore you. You must be a wonderful teacher.

  4. You certainly have had a LOT to deal with! I'm sorry that you've had such a crazy start to the school year. I know it's hard when you don't feel in the groove.

    I'm glad you can stay home and relax tonight! Take it easy.

  5. I'm glad that you had such a warm welcome at school! And, as a previous poster said, rest, rest, rest! A few days/weeks of going easy now will pay off big in the coming months. It's so hard but so worth it.

  6. I am so glad you are getting back to normalacy. I wish I knew 20 6 year olds that missed me! A girl relaxing evening sounds divine! Don't worry about that closet...it will still be there when you are ready. Are you back to charting?!!?!?!?!?!?

  7. Im glad you are feeling better hon. Your students are so adorable xx

  8. I am glad you are feeling better. Keep taking it easy - your poor body has been through the ringer!

  9. Your kids are SO SWEET. That's not remotel like an adult coworker asking how you're feeling - you have your own fan club! Keep getting better (and, indeed, sleep lots. I think 12-14 hours a day is normal after surgery!)

  10. Haven't heard from ya in a couple days, things still good??

    Do you have today off for the Jewish holiday? (Oh, wait, is it a Catholic school? Then probably not, huh? Haha!)