8 September 2009

One down....

...and 191 to go (I think!).

Your prayers worked! My class was so good and they actually sat at their desks and did their work! The "work" was pretty easy. They had to practice writing their names and their letters. I didn't get to this point with last year's class until almost Christmas!!! I can already feel a different vibe in the room. They're calmer and quieter and just more obedient.

I guess I'm being rewarded with a good class after having such a challenging one last year.

Although I try to keep my blog as anonymous as possible I do have to mention one of my kiddies. They are all pretty cute, but the cutest one is a little boy named Ralph.

Now who names little kids Ralph anymore????

To top it off he wears glasses! And he can read!

I'm totally going to put the kid in my purse and take him home!

Okay friends, I'm exhausted and I'm supposed to be watching H.ell's K.itchen with Mr. JB. I hope that tomorrow is just as good as today was!


  1. Oh my goodness I can totally visualize Ralph! I am laughing out loud! So cute and funny!!

  2. So good to hear that the day went well! Ralph sounds sooooooo cute!!

  3. I am so happy it went well!! I like the name Ralph...it reminds of A Christmas Story. :)

  4. RALPH!!! Put him in your red Coach bag and take him home!!

  5. He sounds adorable :). Glad you had a good day and they all behaved!

  6. Congrats! Nothing makes a teacher happier than a good class of interesting students, whether they are 6 or 26 years old.

    Go, Ralph! I hope his fellow pupils turn out just as endearing.

  7. Hooray! I'm so glad to hear that your first day went well. It feels so good to start the new year on the right foot! :)

  8. How cute! Some old-fashioned names are coming back. Glad your first day went well. Here's to a great year!