9 September 2009

They weren't just trying to impress me

Okay folks, please have it on record that I think that I'm going to have a good year.

My class was just as good today as they were yesterday.

Praise Jesus and all the angels in heaven!

It wasn't just a fluke or the first day jitters or being just too darn tired from the summer vacation. They sang, did their alphabet activity and even sat patiently when the French consultant came in to see how they were doing.

We practiced what to do if we had a fire drill and their behaviour was stellar in comparison to the other grade one French class. My new teaching partner was lamenting the craziness of her class and I had to bite my lip to keep from gushing about my kiddies.

I think that most of you remember how hard last year was. Not only was my class nuts, but my teaching partner was unbearable. I'm sure that my calmness and happiness is sensed by the kids. Whenever I'm agitated or stressed my class starts to act the same way. I think these students can feel how happy and blessed I feel.

Trust me, I'm not taking this for granted. I've been saying prayers of thanksgiving since I saw how quietly they could sit at their desks.

Is this the start of good things?

I'm disease free. I have a much happier working environment. My house renovations are done. Hey, I even have a really cute hair cut!

I'm trying to be realistically hopeful. I have no idea how long it will take to get pregnant once the lovely L.upron wears off. I have no idea if the endo will come back. Every little twinge that I feel has my imagination running wild. I think that every pang I feel in my lady parts is endo growing back. I worry that the adhesions and cysts will grow back.

I know that my system is supressed and that since I'm not producing estrogen that the chances of any of the disease returning is minute, but my body hasn't really been cooperative for the past four years.

I'm deciding to ride this wave of positivity.

That's it.

Btw, my buddy Ralph was so cute today. I taught them some new songs and he was grinning from ear to ear. Oh yeah, his middle name is Benedict. He likes to be called R.B. or just plain Ralph.

You're right LifeHopes, I'm taking my C.oach bag to work for the first time tomorrow. I think he might just fit...


  1. Man, I love Coach. I bought a new one for fall! AHHH!!! Try not to worry about the endo coming back, I would think your chances are SLIM to NONE. You are on your way to a pg!!

  2. Such great news - I imagine it makes all the differernce in the world!

  3. Congrats on riding the positivity train - that's so AWESOME. I am so happy to hear that things are falling into place. And Ralph Benedict is the cutest. name. ever.

  4. Don't worry about that endo for now. You will have unusual twinges etc but nothing like before. :)

    Get on those drugs and get to bding! It's time to make a baby! You have more to hopeful for then not! ;)

  5. That little boy sounds adorable.

  6. That's fantastic. How awesome that you won the first grader lottery this year!

  7. I'm so glad to hear that your class seems to be a great one this year. I'll be praying that their wonderfulness keeps up.

  8. I am glad you have a good class full of kiddies!

  9. Woohoo for good things finally happening for us :) So glad you are happy at the moment xx