4 December 2013

Sacramental Prep Funnies

We have a wonderful retired teacher who comes in to help with sacramental preparation at my school. Today she read the story of Zaccheus to my students.

I love it when she comes in.

She has a calming energy and my crazy class just seems to become riveted, and they are miraculously quiet for the entire half hour she's with us.

It doesn't happen often.

The quiet, I mean.

So, after she read them the story a few kids had questions.

And this was the best one:

"Was the tree that Zaccheus climbed sick?" asked one of my lovelies.

"Why do you ask?" Mrs. Y asked curiously.

"Well you just said that it was a sycamore tree. So it was sick, right?"

She paused. I put my head down on my desk so the kids couldn't see me. It took all of my strength to not laugh out loud.

"No sweetie, the tree wasn't sick. Sycamore is a kind of tree like an oak or a maple."

"Oh...." the kid nodded, but I could tell that he didn't understand why Zaccheus was climbing a diseased tree to see Jesus.

Honestly, I could fill a book with the hilarious stuff that my students say!


  1. Love it!

    You should write a book of all the stuff they say - kids have such a different perspective than we grown-ups do :).

  2. You could probably write a whole separate blog with "Stuff My Students Say" quotes. And it would be adorably hilarious. :)