10 December 2013

Patron Saint of 2014

So this lovely lady, reminded me to get my patron for the new year.

After a short prayer at my desk at school this is who was chosen for me:

St. Zita of Lucca

Never heard of her!

- against losing keys
- butlers
- domestic servants
- homemakers
- housemaids
- lost keys
- menservants
- people ridiculed for their piety
- rape victims
- servants
- servers
- single laywomen
- waiters
- waitpersons
- waitresses
- Lucca, Italy

The only connection I could make is that I've been working closely with someone who is from Lucca, Italy.

I don't often lose my keys, nor do I have a servant or am a servant (unless, you consider parts of my job as an elementary teacher, servant-like).

I am so curious to see why she was chosen for me!

Also, her feast day is the day before St. Gianna.

St. Zita of Lucca, pray for me!


Mr. JB and I finished our Christmas cards last night. It was a tough slog, but we had two delicious vegan, gluten-free cupcakes waiting for us as a reward.

Also, I haven't updated about my poor, old cat. After we took her to the vet (which is a much longer, maddening story that makes my mother sounds even crazier than she is), we found out that although she has bad arthritis in her hind legs and possible melanoma in her left eye, my cat will live for a couple more years. I found a wonderful place to board her (which also costs A LOT of money) and she's staying there while my parents are out of the country til the end of February. I get to visit her when I want and the people that work there are in love with her. St. Francis of Assisi really had my kitty cat's back!


  1. I haven't heard of St. Zita either! I need to go get mine. :) Can't wait for your card!! Glad to hear kitty is enjoying her posh palace. :) and that she's got some years left. :)

  2. I hadn't heard of my patron saint either St.Catherine of Sweden but since she's the patron saint against abortions...I fell in love with her right away...some woman out there is going to chose life and therefore (Lord Willing) help us grow our family through adoption...I love the connection.

    Good news about your kitty and how sweet she is being boarded where she is getting lots of attention and love. Thanks for St. Francis's intercession!

  3. So glad to hear that your beloved felion is doing better than you feared and that you can visit her often.

  4. Thanks for introducing us to St. Zita!

    And so glad to hear that kitty is in a good place and going to live a bit longer!

  5. Mine for this year is St. Honorius of Amiens. Patron saint against drought, of bakers, flour merchants and pastry chefs. Kinda ridiculous for this celiac, haha.

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