5 December 2013

Christmas Card Conundrum

I've been in a frenzy getting ready for Christmas.

My house is decorated.

Presents are wrapped (although I still have to get a few gifts).

And the last thing I have to do is Christmas cards.


For the past eight years I have dreamed of having my goofy looking baby on a Christmas card.

One of those cute collage cards of my adorable offspring.

But here I am faced with another year of writing Christmas greetings.

No cutesy cards.

Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Yes, I am angry that even after emptying my savings account and going into debt I didn't end up with a baby.

There I said it.

Sometimes it's hard to focus on being pain-free and having a better quality of life.

I need to dig deep down and get these cards done. Perhaps not tonight (since we're watching the S.ound of Mu.sic on NB.C). But they'll get done.

For now, there will be chocolate.

And some coconut ice cream.

No wine since I'm in my Post-peak phase.

When I finally sit down this weekend to write my cards, I will offer up my angst for all of you still waiting.

I should make my pain fruitful, yes?


  1. Hugs! Childless holidays are so stinkin' hard.

  2. I am so sorry! We had 9 years of that and I know it hurts!
    Praying for you!

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  4. I still have a box that I bought 8 years ago, waiting for a cute little cherub's picture to put in them. Still waiting & hoping, this Advent.

  5. Hugs and prayers! I find that writing Christmas cards is easier than getting them, since so many of them are the adorable photos of the cute kids variety. On the other hand, it has strengthened my resolve to keep my Christmas cards about Christmas, rather than using them as a chance to show off my family.

  6. I haven't started mine yet either...We have the tree up with lights and garland...no ornaments yet...I just need to get a good push to do all the little things I need to do this Advent.

  7. You are not whining to me. Frustrated? Sometimes angry? All normal. My heart breaks for you. One year, I suggested scratching the cards altogether and spending the money on a nice dinner out with you and your husband. Maybe this year, focus deeply on the baby Jesus and Our Mother, Mary. As you write each one out, pray that Mary wraps you snug and warm in her mantel with her tender, motherly love. Hugs.

  8. I have had very similar feelings. I generally really enjoy writing Christmas cards but it takes an extra effort of will not to feel sorry myself not to have a cutesy kid photo to send out. I try to pray for the people I'm writing too - that helps, and I do send an "annual update" and it turns out that our life isn't as boring as I might assume =) So that helps too.

  9. Yup totally get it. I can't wait to do those cute cards, one day both of us will xx

  10. Hugs my dear. For what it's worth, I always love getting your card. :)

  11. I'm there with you! Just discovered your blog, what a God-send!

  12. So far, only a tree is up in our house, and that's because The Man did it. Tomorrow we are supposed to work on the rest.

    Oh, and Christmas cards - yea, I hear ya. I completely dread doing them, which is why I haven't even purchased them yet :( - ugh!

    Sending lots of prayers your way!

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  14. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you were DONE decorating and mostly DONE with Christmas shopping by DECEMBER 5. I had started decorating then, and just put up the last of the decorations (lights along the front porch roofline, which involved a ten-foot ladder and I think my heart rate is still elevated) tonight, and ordered the last presents today, and I thought of myself as being WAY ahead. (And I don't even do Christmas cards, because that is a whole level of effort I am not remotely prepared for.)

    Wow, lady. Wow.