15 April 2012

Worried JellyBelly *Updated

I do not deal with stress well.

At all.

It's a wonder that I volunteered to do my parents' taxes since all it does it cause me aggravation.  I spent almost three hours this afternoon wrestling with the online program and I didn't even finish. It's almost 9:30pm and I'm currently on hold to get more tech support.

I really don't think that my parents realize how stressful it is to do stuff like this for them. I know I did volunteer, but they didn't exactly show much appreciation while I was working. Then again, what else is new. I ended up having to leave because I had a yoga class to go to. I was already at my limit and I wasn't getting anywhere with what I was doing. My parents were confused since they don't seem to realize that I have a life -- when my mother phoned yesterday about coming over she announced that she was coming over, not that if it was a good time or not.

She was also shocked that when she phoned that I was at an early yoga class (I've only been going to this class for FIVE YEARS). She also didn't have some essential information to complete their returns and she insisted that she didn't receive it, which is completely untrue since I received the same information.

Hopefully this frustration is getting me close to the gates of heaven!

My second, and biggest worry, is my cloudy pee.

I've been trying very hard not to freak out, but I can't help it. I suspect that I either have a yeast infection or a mild UTI (my kidneys have been sore, but not unbearably so). It's only cloudy when I have to hold it (which happens quite a bit as an elementary school teacher!) or first thing in the morning. The frequency of said cloudy pee has increased in the past week, as well as my discomfort. I see my Napro doctor on April 30th, but I'm thinking now that I should see my annoying GP.

I'm trying not to freak out since cloudy pee was one of my first symptoms of my pelvic abscess which happened after my first laparotomy -- and I absolutely do not want to have another one of those! I also realize that my surgery was in November and that a post-op abscess/infection is highly unlikely.

Could there be something else causing my cloudy pee?

Advice? Prayers?

*Update: I made an appointment with my GP. I know that I can't wait to see my Napro doctor on the 30th. I hope that it's nothing major! As for the taxes, I'm taking a break tonight. I'll get back to them tomorrow night. [sigh]


  1. I think you should get to the doctor right away. That way you'll know if you should be worried or not. If you have a minor illness, you don't want to to grow into something worse.

    Doing paperwork for my parent is very aggravating, so I know how you feel.


  2. Are you taking any new supplements of any sort? Sometimes meds or supps can do that. I dont handle stress well either, so I totally empathize with you. You are a saint for offering to do their tax return. I would have out sourced my won services! LOL

  3. I thought I had a UTI but it was a yeast infection. Nasty buggers!!

    I had the cloudy pee, burning, etc, I thought for sure it was a UTI.

    I hope whatever it is resolves itself and is nothing serious!

    Praying for you!

  4. I say get to the doctor so that you don't have to worry about what it is!!

    I'm so sorry you've had so much anxiety lately-know I'm praying and that even if your parents are showing you appreciation for your hard work, know that I admire your hard work!

    Keep that head up! I'm praying!

  5. ((HUGS)) It could just be that you need more water due to stress. If it were me, I'd make sure to increase my water, cut out sugar as much as possible (those donuts probably didn't help ;o) but I had some too this weekend and mine had ALL the bad ingredients), up my probiotic and take cranberry pills for a couple days. If that doesn't help or if symptoms gets worse, then I'd call the doc. Hang in there.

  6. Oh and rest as much as you can... your body needs some rest to fight whatever's going on.

  7. Sorry to hear this JB. Stress can do a number on ya. No advice, just prayers....hang in there ;)

  8. But JB, you did the exact same thing last year - just let your parents pay someone to do their taxes! You don't have to be a superhero, babe. :)
    As for the pee... yeah, good idea to see a doc soon. Gosh, I wish we had Kombucha up and running!

  9. JB, I'm so sorry! My gosh! I can't believe your parents put that burden on you. They should just H&R Block it next time.

    I would go see the GP so you can figure out sooner rather than later what is going on with the cloudiness and get it taken care of. No need to keep worrying yourself. :)

  10. Ugh, taxes! You should be canonized for volunteering to do taxes, especially when they are not your own. I hate, hate, hate them!
    Not sure on the cloudy pee. I hope it's something simple. Hope your doc has an easy answer! Praying for you!!!

  11. :( Sorry you are stressed. I hate taxes too! And my BIL is an accountant, so all I have to do is gather the information and give it to him, and I still hate it! Hope your cloudy pee issues is resolved soon.

  12. Ugh - taxes. 'nuf said. Hope that your GP can make your pee clear! :)

  13. I think you made a good decision to see your GP...hopefully you'll get the peace of mind you are looking for.

    We pay to have someone else do our taxes...it's a headache for sure.

  14. I have the same problem with my sister wanting to come over unannounced. Not every moment of every day is convenient for a visit. Have you tried drinking cranberry juice. It helps with UTI's and might clear up your pee a bit. Is it foul smelling at all? (Sorry that's the nurse in me). I definitely vote for seeing the Dr. Feel better!

  15. P.S. We just finished our taxes...we do them ourselves b/c of DH being self-employed. I have a panic attack every year when I sit down to do the receipts!

  16. I happen to have a LOT of experience with UTIs. (unfortunately.) You really need to get a urine culture to rule out a UTI. Then, if you continue to have burning or itching, you need to be treated for yeast, which can also mimic a UTI when it gets into the urethra or bladder.

    You don't want a UTI to worsen and affect your kidneys, so do not delay in getting a urine culture. Often I do not even have to go to the Dr. Just call, tell the nurse, and she can order your culture to the lab of your choice.

    I hope it clears up soon, whatever it is! (I am on antibiotics now for a UTI ...)

  17. There's an over-the-counter testing kit that you can get at CVS (or the Canadian equivalent of a pharmacy chain) that will tell you -- instantaneously, I think -- whether you have a UTI or not. I've seen it in the US for around $20.

  18. Kidney infection or kidney stones come with lower quadrant back pain and urine in blood. Be careful!