17 April 2012

More waiting...

So my GP found blood in my urine, but she wants to send my urine sample to the lab to see if I have a UTI for sure. I left her office with a prescription for antibiotics which I will fill when they get the results.

But she won't know until Friday.


She did say that if I am in any more pain or if I visibly see blood that I should fill the prescription right away.


She also didn't think that my lower back pain had to do with my UTI, although I think that she's wrong. It's always symptom for me.

I've never wanted to have a UTI so badly.

I did go to the mall after my appointment and I got these comfy beauties:

I also got a cute pair of skinny black pants from the G.ap:
The best thing about the pants was that they were on sale! Woohoo! I just wish that I wasn't so short since the pants are normal length on me, not cropped.

I was hoping to find something for my class' First Communion in a couple of weeks, but I came up empty-handed. I'm hoping that the weather is warm enough so I can wear one of my cute spring dresses. I know that I'm going to be in a lot of pictures that day!

Thank God for retail therapy!


  1. I love retail therapy too! Hope that UTI gets cleared up soon!

  2. Hope the UTI, if that's what it is, goes away soon!!

    I just ordered a few dresses from Target and a pair of Sperry's! :) Amen to retail therapy!!!

  3. I am also a fan of retail therapy. And cute spring dresses. (I'd wear it even if it was cold.) :)

  4. Sounds like a UTI. I hope it doesn't progress to actually seeing blood. That is scary. Drink lots of extra water until she comes back with confirmation.

    Cute pants and shoes! You could get the pants hemmed so that they would be cropped on you.

  5. Reatil therapy is the best - going on Friday and I can't wait!

    And on a more serious note, I am prone to UTIs (very, one instance of s.ex w/o immediately going to the bathroom afterwards = guaranteed UTI; and sometimes even going doesn't keep it away b/c I never don't go and I still get them every few months). Anyway, I am hoping and praying that the cloudiness isn't a sign of one and that it's not a sign of anything else either. Sending lots of love your way!

  6. Hope that UTI goes away pronto!! I like your retail therapy finds. :) I hear you on the pants thing! Whenever I buy capris I have to roll them, b/c otherwise they just look like highwaters on me.

  7. Hope you get some answers on Friday.. Cute shoes too.

  8. I LOVE RETAIL THERAPY! Probably a little too much :) I hope you get some answers soon. Prayers for you!

  9. Hoping your UTI goes away fast! I hate getting them. Simply hate it.
    Love your pants and shoes! Sell me the extra length in your pants, because I'm usually needing a few inches more on mine! :-)

  10. I am just now finishing a 10 day course of 2 different kind of antibiotics due to this awful, somewhat chronic UTI.

    Thank God they have urine cultures, and you will soon know exactly what your are up against. I say GO FOR IT on those antibiotics.

    I have learned quite a few tricks in my time about UTIs. Obviously I am really prone to them. Urinating after intercourse helps a LOT and I do notice I get them on the one occasion I might forget to do it.

    Also, Dr. S one time recommended I take one antibiotic pill after each act of intercourse. I never did that, but its something to try.

    Also, of course, drinking more water, which is always a challenge ...

    Praying you feel better and SOON! Good thing is you ought to be feeling better within 24 to 48 hrs if you have a UTI. Keep us updated.

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