24 April 2012


Mr. JB and I have many wonderful friends.

Many wonderful, fertile friends.

I have to admit that I wasn't completely heartbroken that I was stuck on the couch with a horrible cold (which is thankfully so much better) on Saturday. I missed the First Communion of Mr. JB's cousin's son where we would've been the only childless couple in attendance.

Yes, my fellow IF sisters: the only barren woman at a party full of adorable children.

No, I wasn't too put out that I had to make my own chicken soup. Being alone with my sore throat and runny nose was easier than feeling the horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

And don't even get me started on the jealousy.

Or the comparisons.

Yes, if we had a baby nine months after our wedding day my child would be starting the first grade in September.

But we're not going to think about that, right?

One of the couples in attendance, who now has three beautiful children -- one of which is getting baptized on St. Gianna's feast day! -- struggled to start their family. I had been pestering Mr. JB to ask the husband who in the world their doctor was. He finally got the opportunity to ask the lovely L who they saw. I figured that they have three kids now, so their doctor must be a miracle worker!

I got L's message this afternoon. Guess who her doctor is?

My beloved Dr. T!!!! Yes, the same doctor who cried with me in her office when I showed her my surgery rosaries. 

If Dr. T could help L have three beautiful babies, she can help us make one!

I know this is a sign from above that I have to keep believing. Yes, on Peak +9, I'm going to decide to be hopeful. My reproductive clock has been reset, it's only been four months, not almost seven years.

Ouch, typing that hurt.

St. Gianna, St. Gerard, St. Rita, St. Anne & St. Joachim, pray for us!!!!


We had an accountant help us with our taxes since we had all of my health stuff from Omaha. I have to say that the $226 that we paid to have our taxes done for us was so much less stressful than having to do it myself (btw, I filed my parents' taxes tonight, neither one had to pay thank God!). We had over $16 000 to claim from my surgeries, so we're going to get about $3000 back.

Which co-incidentally is the amount our new roof is going to cost, a roof that we desperately need.

Yes, God does provide.

And I celebrated by finally replacing my silly i.Phone. The battery was completely pooched and I was tired of it dying randomly. I have to say that I am completely in love. Yes, I'm a geek. Si.ri and I are best friends now.

There's still time to enter my give-away of "The Infertility Companion for Catholics." Just leave a comment on my post from April 22nd by Sunday and you will be entered in the draw! Good luck!


  1. Wow, JB. Good news all around. Glad you're feeling better too. xo.

  2. Si.ri sounds amazing! I am just thrilled with my new 3G, I am late to the tech party :)

    Keep believing, just the other night when Joseph was being a sleep rebel, I was playing on the floor with him near my husband and I just looked at him and said "I am so glad we did not give up." The cycle we conceive him felt like the last straw for me, I was tired of taking meds and feeling so vulnerable - now I would do it a hundred times over!! Still praying for you down here in the south!

  3. Yay for God-incidences :).

    "Only been four months, not almost seven years"...this sentence broke my heart. I don't care how many times I tell my head that this is only really TTC Cycle #3, my heart knows it's 21...I can't even imagine 7 years. I'm in absolute awe of your strength, your faith, and your hope.

    Peak+9, huh? P+11 here...we are destined to be cycle buddies until you get pregnant! :)

    Sending lots of prayers your way!

  4. I conceived seven months after my third surgery. And six years into infertility. Your body is reset and ready to go! But you have lots of time - not that you're in a hurry or anything ;) - for that surgery to do its magic!! :)

  5. Very, very cool. I love God-incidences! I'm hopeful for you that your time is coming soon.

  6. How great y'all have the same doctor! Such an awesome sign! And I love that God gave y'all just enough for your roof. Things like that give me chills and remind me how He really does take care of us :)
    So glad you're feeling hopeful!

  7. These kinds of signs come at just the right time.

    And, this one is for YOU for sure!

    Great insights!

  8. Wow, I totally understand how skipping the party was actually better. Glad you're in such a good mindset! (And your KT is coming along!)

  9. I can't tell you how many baptisms and first communions I have just had to skip in this family because it is just too hard. At least you had a good excuse this time!

    You are right, it has only been 4 months, and for a couple of those months, you have been recovering, so really it's more like 2, right?

    yeah for a tax refund! We finally got one this year too because of the surgery expenses.

  10. Love these God incidences!! :) Surgery is great for a tax refund. :) And I'm super jealous of your iPhone! I want one bad, I don't even have a smartphone at all. It's like I'm in the dark ages, haha. :)

    I'm so glad you are hopeful. I agree though, it's hard to "reset" the IF clock...I felt like I needed to do the same thing after my surgery last spring. I have high hopes for you, my friend!!!!

  11. Ugh... add to my list of jealousy all the people that can say they conceived within a year after their most recent/last surgery :( I just celebrated my 4 Yr Anniversary of the ovarian wedge resection (you know, the "magic" surgery for BAD PCOS), and am coming up on TWO years since my 3rd surgery... but who's counting? ;)

    I will always have hope for you, you know that. I think we will forever be the other person's source of hope, which is fine by me!

    Feel better!

  12. So glad that you are getting a refund.

  13. That is really cool that your refund is the same amount as your new roof! God does provide! Thank you!

    Thank you for your honesty in this post, too. It is not fun to admit jealousy of other people's beautiful and abundant blessings. Sometimes it's so hard to put yourself in those situations where you just feel like you may end up being the weird person who starts crying for "no apparent reason."

  14. Wow! Don't you just love when those things happen...totally not a coincidence but just another thing to reinforce the fact that HE is in control and taking care of us! :)

  15. Jb, Please cuss out SIRI! PLEASE! It's hilarious!


  16. Some great God-incidences! And how wonderful you got further confirmation about how wonderful your doctor is. Praying for a baby asap.

  17. Love it! And again - so glad you love Siri! ;)

  18. YAY for Dr. T!!! and for your accountant helping you (and getting money back ... hooray!!!) and for the iPh.one! :-) I love hearing about God-incidences. Gives me the chills. :-)
    Now ... if you could give Si.ri a piece of my mind ... she never works for me. :-)

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