9 April 2012

Prayer Buddy Reveal

I had the pleasure of praying for Rebecca at The Road Home. I had been reading her blog for quite some time and we're also friends on Face.book, so I was so happy to pray for someone that I felt like I knew very well.

I have commented on her blog fairly regularly, so I don't think that she was suspicious when I would comment about prayers for her. She also reached out to me to say prayers for me during Lent! We may have not been blessed with miracle pregnancies, but I will continue to pray for her intentions and I am sure that the Lord will bless her and her husband.

God bless you Rebecca!

I would like to thank Made for Another World for praying for me! I definitely felt her prayers. I have felt so peaceful the past few weeks, and I know that her prayers were instrumental to helping my mindset. Thank you so much!

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