29 April 2012

Blog give-away winner, Sacraments & Drama

Congratulations goes out to Prayerfuljourney who wins a copy of The Infertility Companion for Catholics. Congratulations! Please send me an e-mail at jellybelly_75 at yahoo dot com so I can get your particulars!

My class did their First Communion this afternoon and I feel spent! Although there were four other teachers, I was the one that was in charge -- which I don't really mind since I love to organize and I'm bossy.

When I woke up this morning I was feeling very anxious, and I couldn't quite put my finger on the reason. We went to my aunt's house for a party last night and my parents didn't attend. The family feud, that I have no involvement nor information about, is starting to get to me. The strange thing is that my mother called me two mornings in a row and she didn't mention anything about the party, although she was invited to it (Mr. JB was in charge of extending the invitation).

It was strange that she called since we don't speak that often and she called fairly early in the morning. She did have some sad news to share, but she delivered it in the strangest way. Apparently one of my godfathers (yes, I have quite a few godparents, apparently in my culture you can't say now if someone asks to be a godparent) fell and was in the hospital. She called this morning, in the cheeriest voice, to tell me that his family was going to take him off the respirator.

I told her that I didn't feel comfortable going to the hospital, especially I am not close to this godfather nor have I seen him since my wedding (it was a courtesy to invite him and his wife). I also didn't want to be there to see him die. She didn't have any sort of sadness or sympathy in her voice which was so bizarre.

There is some strange, strange stuff going on with my mother, please pray for her and of course, for my godfather.

I just want my family drama to be over! I know that it's starting to affect me and I hate it that they are fighting.


I see my Napro doctor tomorrow afternoon. I still have cloudy urine and I am so worried. I really hope that she has some answers! 


  1. Sorry about the family drama and weirdness with your mom. Family drama is never fun! Praying you have a great appointment tomorrow with your Napro doctor!!

  2. Oh, gosh! I wish there was an answer to your cloudy urine problem. I've been praying, but it sounds like I need to step it up. Keep us posted on the NaPro doc appt!
    I'll be praying for your godfather. That is so tough.

  3. Go away, cloudy pee! Go away, drama!! Hope the dr. can help.

  4. Like PPIW said, family drama is never fun. Praying for your family, and that your doctor has some answers for you tomorrow!!

  5. Gosh, I am worried about your cloudy urine too. GL tomorrow! And sorry about the famdrama.

  6. Goodness, you have so much going on! Prayers that your appt goes well and for your family too!

  7. Hi JB!

    I emailed to you my mailing address. I'm looking forward to reading that book...and thanks for the giveaway! I'm thrilled that I won (which doesn't happen that often for me).

    I have plenty of drama in my fam too....it's too much to post about. Ugh!

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