5 November 2011

Post Surgery Day 5

Thank you for all your prayers.  Unfortunately, JB is spending another night in the hospital.  As I wrote earlier, the adjustment from IV to oral painkillers did not go well.  JB was in great pain all day.  The shower was put off a number of times, as were the walks.  The decision was JB's to make.

The combination of painkillers is not even holding things steady.  The walks were more difficult today than the walks on Wednesday (Post Op 1).

Keep praying please.

Have a good evening,

Mr. JB


  1. I am so sorry to hear how difficult things have been over the past few days.

    I do recall with each of my surgeries, in the days that followed, it seemed to get harder before it got better. Switching from IV to oral meds was so hard! She is doing such a great job, tell her to keep it up!!! We love her and are praying for her!

  2. I hope they get the cocktail right very soon! We have all our patients on tylenol 1g every 6h, plus celebrex or ibuprofen around the clock (though you probably don't want to be on that for more than about 5 days straight), plus oxycontin every 8 hours and then oxycodone for breakthrough. It sounds like they're just really going to have to up the dose. It's a lot better to separate the tylenol from the oxycodone rather than to expect that a percocet (325mg tylenol + 5mg oxycodone) or two to do the trick. If they're separate, you can max out the tylenol at 4g a day and use what you need of the oxycodone to get comfortable, and then be able to adjust the dosing downwards as the pain gets better.
    I hope they get it right soon!

  3. Stay strong the both of you. I am sure it is very hard for you to see her struggling in pain. I hope she will soon recover and feel a bit better and the oral meds will work.
    Take care

  4. I'm so sorry to hear this. Continuing to pray that things improve quickly for her. Hugs!

  5. Praying for you right now JB - and asking God to make His presence known. Believing God will use this pain for something amazing in your future and asking that a morning of rejoicing comes soon.

  6. Praying too, it can be so hard to move in those days following surgery. I remember crying the whole first 10 steps to my husband the first time I walked. You can do this JB and Mr. JB you are amazing, there will be better days ahead!!!

  7. Surgery is a beotch! Keep up the good work JB!!!! You can do it!!!!

  8. Post-op days 3-5 were so much worse than the day or two after. It will get better-I promise! You're almost through the worst of it. Prayers coming.