21 November 2011

A Little Break from Our Scheduled Programming...

I found the perfect distraction today. I love to shop and I hope one day to be wealthy enough to own my own Ke.lly bag from He.rmes (or at least a framed picture of one for my closet!).

Check out one of my favourite fashion/photography bloggers, Gar.ance D.oré. She writes the most beautiful homage to the most gorgeous bag ever. And yes, I want mine in red as well.

A girl can dream, yes?


  1. I wrote a comment that didn't go through earlier today, about how I found it helpful to find one (non-strenuous) thing I could feel that I accomplished each day - for me, after my first surgery, it was making dinner from my rolling desk chair, so that I didn't have to stand over the countertop for half an hour. Of course, I did have my sister visiting to help, which made a big difference.

    This was obviously in entire error. Shopping is incomparably better. And unquestionably counts as accomplishing something - in addition to appreciating the true, the good, and the beautiful (as you are obviously doing), I find that buying things online for my household (skeleton keys, shower curtain, bed frame adaptors, just to name a few) is a substantial part of my household duties. And then there's Christmas shopping!

    I'm pretty sure you can take over the world from your bed.

  2. Love the purse.

  3. Oh, SO SO pretty! We should all pool our money to buy one and then pass it from blogger to blogger, everybody could keep it for a month or something. :)

  4. Hebrews, you may be on to something there...

    I know of places where you can rent designer stuff for a "reasonable" fee. I don't know if I could give up my Kelly bag after my allotment, it's just too beautiful!

  5. Ooh... pretty red purse. :) I read the reflection and now want one too!

    Honestly, the advent of online shopping is such a blessing!