13 November 2011

Day Sixteen of the Big Infertile Adventure -- The Last Full Day in Omaha

I am so ready to go home. I just wish that I wasn't going to take three days, two overnight stops and time in the car!

I have my pain under control and I am so grateful that the Fellow that was following my case with Dr. Hilgers was very generous when prescribing me pain medication. I definitely didn't have this much when I was discharged from the hospital after my first laparotomy! I had to survive on Ad.vil after the good stuff was finished!

When I woke up this morning I felt like I could've slept the entire day away. I am still getting up at all hours of the night to take the medication, which is a good thing since when I get behind my incision starts to hurt! Again, I am so relieved that I discovered the new incision last night. I was feeling so defeated and it was wonderful to have an explanation as to why I was in so much more pain! I was too chicken to remove the bandages and I decided to wait until my post-op appointment tomorrow and I'm going to ask the nurse to remove them for me. I am convinced that I am going to pass out or throw up if I do it myself! This is a job for a professional or my mom!

Yes, I am over-dramatic. At least I recognize it.

We attended mass at the Medical Centre today. I didn't have it in me to attend daily mass with the Jesuits on campus while we were here, so I wanted to make sure that we went to a mass that was being said by a familiar face. We arrived after mass started (although my watch said that it wasn't quite 11am, I guess the clocks are different at CUMC!) so we weren't able to ask if I could receive from the cup. The priest was able to give me a blessing after mass since there was no physical way I could make it down the stairs for communion. He was sympathetic since he has celiac disease.  The cook made sure that we both had gluten-free foods to eat when we stayed with them and he was so sweet at meal times. He made sure that I had stuff to eat too! 

Have I mentioned how well the Jesuit community took care of us? We were so spoiled!

After mass we met the priest that was in charge of taking care of us. The Rector who agreed to give us lodging was not available for our stay, so he asked a fellow Jesuit to help us out. Well, Fr. C took his job seriously! He gave us so many recommendations of where to eat, what to see and visit. He made sure that we had a detailed map of Omaha and he was fantastic company during our meals. It must be so hard to live a solitary life. We could tell that he appreciated our company and that he could help us out during a difficult time.

Fr. C also invited us back to stay in the Jesuit community, which is something we will definitely love to do. Although the trip is LONG, we would love to enjoy Omaha without the pressure of surgery and recovery!

After lunch we went to Wa.lmart to get some more Hu.sker gear for Mr. JB (have I mentioned how big of a fan he is? For his birthday his dad gave him some money to load up on Co.rnhusker merchandise while we were here and he totally took advantage! I may have gotten a few things too, good thing my favourite colour is red!). We also got some extra re-usable tote bags to help with our packing. Honestly our stuff multiplies when we are away! I have to figure out a better way to streamline our stuff. I totally over-packed since I forgot that my days in the hospital would not require clothes! I also didn't expect to be admitted for five nights, so I was totally off! I also can't wear quite a few things that I packed since my incisions are so different from the last time. I am so lucky that my yoga pants are comfortable and fitted enough to wear -- yet another reason why I don't mind spending so much on them!

We also snuck one last trip in to T.arget. I picked up a few Christmas presents for my fertile bf's kids. I can't resist shopping for those kids! I missed her daughter's birthday on Friday and I was really upset because she was getting her ears pierced. We had planned an outing to get her ears done, but obviously I couldn't be there. We spoke to her last night, but the connection was bad and I was so sad that I didn't want to keep her on the phone for long. I hope that she forgives me, we're very close and I'm one of her favourite adults.

So we're all packed (and Mr. JB just told me how scary I am when we're packing! Like I've mentioned before, I am very particular and he is very disorganized!). Not the best combination. I can picture how all of our stuff is going to fit in our car, but he likes to just throw stuff in and hope for the best. When we opened the hatch of his car this afternoon some stuff fell out, stuff that should've been packed in a suitcase or a bag. It is so frustrating to not be able to do the lifting and organizing myself because I know that it would make our two overnight stops so much easier. It also doesn't help that I'm so foggy from the pain meds.

I am so happy that everything went so well in Omaha. I was a bit worried when we had to move from the university to the hotel, but things have so fantastic! I even took a picture of my newly made bed this afternoon so I can look at it when I feel stressed. I worked in linens in a big department store while I was in university so I have a real appreciation for fancy bedding. I am even tempted to buy one of the pillows, but I have to control myself!

I am trying to be as calm as possible for our post-operative review with Dr. Hilgers. I am excited and afraid to hear what he says. I have been offering up all of my anxiety, but it still isn't helping my nerves (which is probably why I was so scary while packing! I don't deal with stress well!).

We're leaving for our friends' house in Chicago right after our appointment and we've already planned to make our first visit to Q.doba in Des Moines (Sew Hormonal's fault!). We'll be just in time for a late lunch/early dinner. We've also picked out a couple of places to stay close to Detroit for our second stop. We had an extremely long wait at the border on our way to Omaha, so breaking up the ten hour trip into two days may be better for my comfort.

I will update about our appointment as soon as I can. I don't know if I'll have the energy when we arrive in Chicago tomorrow night. Please pray for a safe, smooth journey. Poor Mr. JB has to do all the driving since I'm not allowed to on the meds!

Again, I am so grateful for all of your support! I feel like I have an army of prayerful warriors surrounding me! God bless you all!


  1. Praying for you and what He has planned! I do NOT wish that drive on anyone...especially at this time of the year where the entertainment of farm implements are even gone for the winter. Best wishes for a safe trip to Chicago!

  2. Praying for a safe, swift trip home and a great post-op with Dr. H!

  3. Praying for a great appointment and a safe trip home!!
    P.S. I love yoga pants too, if only I looked good in them, I would live in them!!!!

  4. Thanks for the update!! :) Praying for a GREAT appointment with Dr. H & a safe trip to Chicago. Hugs!

  5. Omaha will miss you and so will I! I know everything is going to go wonderfully at your appointment. Prayers for a safe and easy trip home! (Although you should really go to the Q.doba just south of 72nd and Giles...best service at a fast food restaurant ever. Mmmmm Q.doba...I may have to go there for lunch....)

  6. Wow, you've come so far! Praying the appt goes well, and you can enjoy the rest of the trip.

  7. I wonder if you're in the appt now...

    I'm praying for good news and even better prognosis!!

  8. Praying for your safe ride home! Hope things go great with Dr. H and your f/u appt. Love Qdoba...you must get the queso and chips...wait, maybe you cant eat that.
    Safe travels to chicago!

  9. I hope your drive goes smoothly and QUICKLY!!! Can't wait to hear about the appointment.

    Ryan and I have SHARED A SUITCASE when we've gone out of town a couple of times and I never want to do it again because he tosses everything around and makes a big mess etc...and I like to keep things folded up neatly. Do not share a bag with your husband. LOL.

    Prayers and hugs dear!

  10. JB, I'm sorry I haven't commented more, but I'm praying for you ... especially on the car trip back. I hope you are home safe and sound ... AND that you have good advice/results with Dr. H.
    Yay for you and Mr. JB for being Cornhusker fans!!! I was originally a Nebraska gal, who roots for her team from Kansas now. :-) And I love the color red too!!!

  11. Hoping you'll have a safe journey home.

  12. Prayers that by now you've gotten good results and are having a safe trip towards Chicago!

  13. I remember being an emotional mess after my post op visit with Dr. Keefe but after going through my first few cycle reviews I quickly realized how the details come together so nicely. Have a safe journey home. I am so hopeful for you, JB. :)

  14. Can't wait to read your next update! Safe travels, JB.

  15. Good luck with the trip home! Can't wait to hear about your appt.

  16. That is so funny about how you are so organized with packing and he just throws it in the car. Over here, that is my husband (organized one) and I am your DH!! Ha ha, organization must be an Asian thing:)

    I would not dare touch my incision bandages either. It freaked me out way too much. In fact, I think they just fell off eventually after so many showers, and even then I could barely stand to look down at the scars that were forming. Even now, I still look like a shark attack victim ha ha!! But its all worth it!!

    Praying for safe, fun, pain free travels!! Yay for drugs!!