7 November 2011

Day Ten of the Big Infertile Adventure -- Surgery From My Point of View

I sent this e-mail to some girlfriends back home. I think that I got all of the details down and I have too much gas pain to stay seated for too long to compose something new!


It was such a different experience being in a US hospital compared to my experience back home. The nurses come right away when you buzz for them and there is so much more one-on-one attention. We even did a survey rating our experience at the hospital, something that I couldn't even imagine back home!

My surgery went very well on Tuesday. I am so thankful for anesthesia since I was under for six and a half hours! The doctors did a very thorough job and the surgeon is very happy with the results. They applied Gor.etex (yes, the stuff they make jackets out of!) to my insides to prevent scar tissue so I have another quick laparoscopic surgery (through my belly button) this Friday to remove it.

I was in recovery for quite a long time 'cos they couldn't manage my pain levels. I think I shocked them since I needed A LOT of pain meds to stabilize. The night of the operation was tough. I had an allergic reaction to one of the antibiotics and I felt horrible on top of the pain. The doctors were concerned about my blood volume since I lost quite a bit during my surgery, so I had a transfusion.

Not fun!

Lucky for me the next couple of days were so much better. I had to pass gas in order to get oral pain meds (and eat and drink!), so I tried every trick and yoga pose on Thursday to get it to happen. Unfortunately, it wasn't until Friday at 6pm that it happened. I've never prayed to toot in my entire life!

I was told that I would be discharged once I was taking oral pain meds, but my pain was unbearable on Saturday. My doctor tried so many combinations of pain meds and finally at about 9pm I was comfortable. I have FOUR different pills I have to take at different times so I have my i.Phone programmed to remind me!

It has been so great to be out of the hospital! I spent the afternoon catching up on the shows I missed while I was out of it. Unfortunately I can't watch last week's Glee episode 'cos Fox.com has it locked until Wednesday.

Mr. JB has been a good nurse too. I sent him to Walm.art to get me bigger undies since my incision is a little bigger than I thought it was going to be and my regular undies are a little uncomfortable. He called me three times from the store 'cos he was so confused! Poor buddy.

So Dr. H was very happy with the results of my surgery. The endo was so minimal that he couldn't even stage it. He was very happy with the surgeon that did my surgeries back home, something that he doesn't always encounter with the work that he does.

My adhesions, however, were extensive. The pelvic abscess caused a lot of damage and looking at the pictures that we were given, it was a mess inside of me. My left tube was clear, but my right tube was hydosalpinx (sp?) and he had to insert a stent in order to drain it. On Friday he is going to do another selective HSG to see if both tubes are clear. Dr. H thinks that the surgeon back home may have done damage to my right tube, but there's no telling if that is the case.

There were no fibroids and I don't believe that there were any cysts.

My first laparotomy incision had to be lengthened because it was really hard to get to the adhesions in my posterior cul de sac. It's the reason why I felt so much pain when I was urinating after surgery.

We see Dr. H on November 14th to review my surgeries and then we can go home. Poor Mr. JB had to call PPVI to ask for a letter extending his leave. He only had two weeks off and this third week is proving to be a challenge. He's afraid that they're going to dock his pay which is something that we can't afford to do with the added cost of my second-look lap.

Don't worry, I'm offering up all of my pain and worry! I need to be productive with my prayers!


  1. Wow what an ordeal! Glad the nurses and staff are taking good care of you!! I heat ya about the extended leave, that was the most stressful for us having the hospital
    Stay lasting longer than anticipated...praying your recovery goes well from here on out!

  2. Wow you have been through a lot! I'm glad to hear that everything went well. I know how bad the gas pain is...it's terrible...I have experienced that many times before. It is debilitating.
    Keep up your positive attitude.!

  3. Thank you for the details! I feel like I am so informed and very hopeful for you! Praying!! :)

  4. Praying still and I am so happy you have been able to find a combo of pain meds to manage your pain!! You sound so cheerful and hopeful!

    I hope things work out for Mr. JB! Money is an awful thing to worry about when you are trying to heal!

  5. Wow! So glad you're feeling better and recovering well. Love the story about Mr. JB buying underwear! Ha!

    And that's so interesting about the differences between U.S. and Canadian hospitals. I've always had good experiences with my hospital stays, especially at Creighton!

  6. So glad you're feeling better! I'm so excited for you and hopeful for you! I'll continue my prayers that things keep on going well!

    Ps, I'm laughing out loud at sending the dh out to buy bigger undies...lol!! What a sweet husband! ;)

  7. I'm so glad to read the update! Glad the doctors & nurses - and Mr. JB are taking such good care of you!! :) LOL about the underwear. I couldn't fit into mine when I was discharged and my Mom ended up going out the next week to buy me some granny undies. :) I lived in a pair of sweatpants borrowed from my sister for a week because I couldn't zip my pants either!!
    Praying for you so much!! :) Hugs!

  8. 6 1/2 hrs... Wow! You are a real trooper, girl!

    I am SO glad that your experience at Creighton (and in an American hospital in general) was a good one. I guess it is easy to forget how blessed we really are here. Reading your words has reminded me of that. Thank you.

    I am also very hopeful for you! :) It sounds like everything went really well, difficult though it has been. Keeping you close in prayer...

  9. You are a strong woman, JB! I was excited to read your update. Relax and let your body heal! You are adhesion free....HOORAY! Praying!

  10. Sounds like you are on the road to recovery! Sorry about all the stumbling blocks along the way! Are you having any fun in Omaha?

  11. SO glad you are finally feeling better!! It is going to change your life to have those adhesions gone.

  12. That is a lot, JB! I am glad you are feeling better and even with all that you have been through, it seems like it was a success. Now off to recovery! Keep your feet up and take those meds. I am so glad you are feeling better :)

  13. Goodbye Adhesions here comes healing! So glad you are moving forward step by step...but TAKE CARE of yourself and hooray for your fab husband. Love the updates. Need the updates. Have been following every single day.

  14. Wow! Glad you are getting some answers...but wow, you went through a lot! Continued prayers for healing and a speedy recovery!!!

  15. This hurts just to read much less to go through! I am so glad Dr. H was able to get rid of those adhesions. And your Dh is great, haha! :) Praying it's easy sailing from here.

  16. ...about needing to 'toot'- OUCH! I understand- I was in the hospital for 9 days after my last baby (a loooong time in a US hospital)- and that was the biggest problem

    praying for success for you

  17. Thanks for the update and I was so wanting to hear more details. Wow, it sounds like you went through the ringer. So, it sounds like it wasn't Dr. H that did surgery? You mentioned a surgeon. Just curious. I am praying that your laparoscopy goes very well and the removal of the gortex goes without a hitch. It was nice to hear that you were treated well and that they figured out the correct painkillers. What a relief!

  18. Wow, that is quite a surgery! Wishing you a very speedy recovery!

  19. I guess I didn't realize at first that you had a laparotomy and not just a laparoscopy. Yeah...you deserve a gold medal and then some. 6 1/2 hours is an impressive duration...I'm so glad Dr. H did the thorough job that he's known for.

    Drawstring jammies/sweatpants (more like scrubs) were the most comfortable for me to wear...that and learning how to position the waistline of my huge grannie-panties between incisions helped.

    Continued prayers for you!

  20. I've been missing out on all your posts the last few days, but I wanted to let you know that you've been in my thoughts and prayers!
    "I've never prayed to toot in my entire life!" Your comment is hilarious! I thought that same way too!
    It was interesting to read about your experiences with American vs. Canadian hospitals. We take so much for granted!
    I am so hopeful for your recovery and am so glad you didn't have much endo. I'm so very sorry that you were in SO much pain. Its so uncomfortable anyway after surgery.
    I hope you continue to improve daily!

  21. I'm just getting a chance to read this now. It's great to hear all the particulars!

    Keep on healing!

  22. I so prayed you would never have had to go through all this in your NaPro journey.It has been my pleasure working with you in this journey. But we do not know the way of the lord, and I thank the lord everyday for Dr. H, and the work he does in faith. I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery, and look forward to meeting your NaPro baby one day soon.
    All the best LG

  23. Thanks so much for sharing this JB!