23 May 2012

You know you've reached a new low when...

...you have a urine sample hidden in the staff room fridge.

I wrapped it up in TWO bags and I stuffed it in one of the bottom drawers that no one uses.

Oh the things IF has made me do!

ps Yes, I'm still suffering from cloudy pee. It isn't consistent, nor does it happen every day, but it's still happening. Argh!


  1. I guess if there's anybody who's stealing other people's stuff in the fridge, you'll teach 'em a lesson! :) On a serious note though, I hope they figure out the cloudy pee issue! I seriously pray for your pee every day!

  2. Oh geez, I'm sorry to hear it's still cloudy! Too funny though about storing it in the staff fridge!! I'll never forget mailing my poo for my gluten test. The woman at UPS asked me several questions and I just struggled to keep a straight face!!!

  3. Ugh! The things we do... :(

    Praying for your cloudy pee situation...for an answer at the very least, a solution would be even better!

  4. Oh dear,I had hoped be cloudy pee issue has been fixed by now.! Thinking of you, hoping all i hoping all is resolved soon.

  5. I'd hoped your cloudy pee was over, not sporadic. :-(. I doubt anyone will find it ... It sounds like you did a great job of hiding it. I just wish you didn't have to take your pee to work with you. Prayers coming!

  6. I think you should win some sort of award for this. I freaked out mildly when I had a tiny bottle of HCG hidden between the jelly jars in MY OWN fridge and I knew people might open it occasionally to grab a beer. They weren't looking for weird prescription medication, I realize, but it still nagged at me. You are a brave lady. (And, yes, I HOPE some lunch-thieving coworker gets the surprise of his life!)

  7. Man! Sorry to hear your pee issues have not cleared up!

    I am struggling with those same issues over here ...

    I have had a bladder infection every month for the past 4 cycles. I was too depressed to even blog about it.

    My doctor finally prescribed me a single dose of antibiotics to take after each act of intercourse. (because that is my trigger). I am praying this is my answer because I cannot take it anymore. Every single month I am struggling with an actual infection.

    I am also attempting to DOUBLE my intake of water which I am praying will help. I am open to any ideas you are coming across as well.

  8. @LifeHopes I am horribly prone to UTIs as well...the best way I've found to prevent them is to go to the bathroom immediately after having intercourse and to wipe really well. (Sometimes even with a wet cloth - no soap, just lukewarm water.)

    I still get one about every 6 months, but it is waaaaay better than every time. I am actually seeing my doctor in 2 weeks and asking for a urinalysis when I'm not presenting with symptoms to see if there is just bacteria that always hangs out. Lots of water for me too!

    Anyway, sorry to hijack your combox JB, I just hate hearing that anyone else deals with this and thought I'd share what I've been doing for years. :)

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