30 May 2012

Hormones suck

It's P+14.

Feeling generally blah.

Crappy, in fact.

I wish that PMS weren't so much like early pg symptoms. It's such a brain-game.

I'm so done with IF.


I wish I had a time machine and a bucket of cash so we can have our family.

Anyone have any hook-ups?


  1. See, I wish I had a baby-making machine, and a bucket full of babies ;)

    Next time I see one of those signs, I am so buying a Huge Toddler.

  2. What sucks about endo is not only did I never ever get pregnant each and every month of trying, but then it would be a week of torture and pain on top of it all.

    It's hard lady, no time machine, but I will keep buying lottery tickets.

  3. I wish we could share a time machine. What an adventure it would be!

    Sorry you feel crappy. Retail therapy is part of my solution during the 2WW. Not ideal, but it is my current "antidepressant" of choice!

  4. Dang those hormones! Seriously, why do they have to mimic pregnancy symptoms?

  5. The last days of the 2ww are. the. worst. For me, it's when the hope creeps in without my even realizing it until I find myself imagining how we'd tell people and all that stuff that only makes it worse...

  6. :( I hate the 2ww. Praying it becomes a 9 month wait instead.