4 October 2010

Checking In

I have been a very neglectful blogger. Here's a few reasons why:

1) My teaching partner has me at my wits' end! I've realized that I have to delegate to her and I can't treat her like a colleague, but like a student. It's frustrating and it kills me that she gets paid very good money to basically use my plans to teach her class. Will having to deal with her get me closer to heaven? Probably not since I've been swearing like a sailor since I'm so frustrated!

2) My dear, sweet Ralph is moving across the country. His mom told me on Open House night and I almost started to cry right in front of her. He asked me to tell the class today and I had a very hard time holding it together. I think that I'm going to throw him a farewell party on Wednesday and I don't care if the other kids think I'm playing favourites.

3) Apparently I have a teeth grinding problem. I got a night guard to wear when I sleep (yes, so attractive! Good thing Mr. JB has to wear one too!) and I've been sleeping so much better. I had no idea how much the grinding was disturbing my sleep!

4) The 5mgs of H.ydrocort is not enough. I'm back to feeling pretty exhausted, although my mental acuity is much better. I took 10mgs one day last week to test it out and I was still tuckered out at the end of the school day. I'm hoping that my Napro doc will let me up it when I see her in November.

5) Mr. JB did a little bit of research on International Adoption last week. The P.hilippines is only adopting children older than 3 years old at present which is more than a little disappointing. I know that I need to send an e-mail to a couple of the agencies that I found, but I've been so overwhelmed with all of the school-related planning that I haven't had the time. I really hope that having Fi.lipino ancestry is going to help. Btw, have I mentioned that my parents are going to build a house next year? They're both retiring in the new year and my dad really wants to go somewhere warm during the cold Canadian winters. My dad has also offered to pay for our plane tickets so we can see the new house when it's built -- could be very convenient if we do end up adopting from there!

6) It's so cold. I don't normally complain about the fall, but I'm having an exceptionally difficult time adjusting to the colder weather. It also doesn't help that it got so cold so quickly up here.

7) I found out today that one of my girlfriends (who is a Catholic school teacher like me) is going to try to get pregnant before her wedding in January. I am so disgusted. It doesn't help that she has been living with her fiance for more than a year, but I'm so pissed! To top it off her sister, who is single and not dating, is pregnant! I have no idea who the father is, but I heard rumours that she went to a clinic and got inseminated. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when that kid gets the lowdown about his/her conception.

8) I think that my VP is trying to recruit me to become an administrator. He asked me to be one of the report card administrators (basically I will help with the programming and management of the report cards at my school) which is a pretty big job. On open house night he left me in charge of the set up and he wanted me to make sure that everyone was at their station. I entertained the thought of becoming a principal when I first started teaching, but my focus is growing my family right now, not my career. Nevertheless, I'm thinking more and more about it and perhaps when our babies are older it will be something that I'd pursue.

9) I'm going for a massage on Wednesday after school. My back is a stressed out mess, and yes, I blame it on my teaching partner. I haven't seen my RMT since before my second surgery so she is going to have her work cut out for her!

10) I apologize for my lack of commenting on all of your blogs. I'm still reading, but it's been hard to keep my head above water. Please know that I am praying for all of you -- I've spent quite a bit of time asking God for strength in the recent past!


  1. Yah for the massage! You sound like you deserve it so much!!

    Isn't it terrible when your work situation makes you want to curse? I hated those days! Praying for you and that some holiday will arrive soon and give you a much needed break!

  2. As an SMC (as are several of your readers I am guessing) I find your comment on point #7 to be rather offensive.

  3. Too funny, I thought I wanted to be a Principal, too! I even took 2 M.Ed classes at Rutgers before deciding it wasn't for me.

    Seriously, WHY would someone WANT to get pg before their wedding? I can see the desire for someone who has no boyfriend or reason to believe they'll ever get married... but she's getting married and still wants to be pg first???

    Oh, I didn't mention this on my blog, but my 27 yr old unmarried cousin is 13.5 wks pg. I just found out. And she and her bf have decided NOT to get married right now, but to move in together.

    I don't get people. I really don't.

  4. I have a couple of questions to ask....

    Do you wake up refrehsed?

    Are you tiring out in the afternoon?

    Depending on how you asnwers those questions we can figure out if you need thyroid meds or more cortisol. :)

    Please anonymous get over yourself! If you find it offensive don't read. That is your right as a blogger! Get out!

    Sorry JB I just have a hard time dealing with people who think that since a blog post stirred them up emotionally they have a right to post on your blog. ;)

  5. I agree with you you on point #7...makes me sad that these people just don't get it...

  6. I'm sorry you've been so tired and stressed. I know many a school teacher in your same boat right now. Such a hard time of year. Praying for you :)

    And #7 makes me sad too.

  7. I've never hidden the fact that I'm a Catholic blogger. My point if view is in line with my beliefs and I'm not apologizing for that!

  8. JB, good for you for not apologizing for your beliefs. You have integrity and I applaud you!!

  9. Ugh I am grinding my teeth too! What kind of guard did you get? I have been freaking out because I don't want to be sucking on plastic all night nor do I want my front teeth any more chipped than they already are!