9 December 2008

Searching out alternatives

I'm the type of girl that will try just about anything once. Not only do I have my own army of medical doctors, I also have a chiropractor, a massage therapist, an osteopathist and now I have a naturopath.

Most of you know of the ongoing saga of my cold. It's been almost three weeks and I haven't felt any better. I realize that I work in one of the germiest situations possible -- 21 six year olds in cold weather makes A LOT of illnesses -- but three weeks is a ridiculous amount of time to be sick. So after spending the entire weekend in bed without any relief I decided to phone up my local naturopath. My RMT recommended the clinic to me and my chiropractor (who I love with all my heart) has been telling me for years that I needed to go to one. I've been hesitant for so long since we get no insurance coverage for naturopathic treatments and it is not cheap at all! I'm looking at this visit as an early Christmas present to myself.

I spent an hour and a half with the doctor and she went over my entire health history. We went over my cold symptoms first then we moved on to my history of asthma, ulcerative colitis and lastly our struggle with infertility. She was incredibly thorough and non-judgmental (I was scared that she would go all, "You shouldn't be taking all that medicine!" to me, but she wasn't). My visit ended with her going over some additional testing that she wants to do to determine allergies and intolerances to food and other environmental factors.

I don't know if seeing a naturopath is going to help us get pregnant, but I'm sure that it's not going to hurt anything. My immune system seems to be shot, so the supplements that she prescribed are going to give me the boost I need to get better. I also know that she's going to help me get my body as healthy as possible to grow my future baby.

I'm off to decorate my Christmas tree. This is the latest I've ever decorated my tree and I'm blaming that on my stupid cold! I promise to post a photo when I'm done!

p.s. The naturopath told me to cut my dose of B6 in half until I see my doctor. The side effects aren't life threatening so she thinks that it's okay to continue taking it.


  1. Good! I can't believe you have been sick for 3 weeks. I am so sorry! You must be miserable.

    I have heard that people with endo have bad immune systems. And you are waiting to have your lap right?

  2. You're on the extended release B6, right? Do you take it with food? I've heard this can lessen the s/es for those who experience s/es from it.

    I see an osteopathic Dr, too... my NaPro Dr! She's a D.O., and she put me on vitamin D3 right away which has made a world of difference on my health and immune system. I wonder, too, if there could be infection with your TEBB, and now the cold-that-won't-go-away. Dr. Toth has certainly changed my perspective on a lot of things!

  3. I hope the ND can sort you out.

    3 weeks with a cold is way too long. I hope it is gone soon.

  4. Excellent, I've never seen a natropath, but, seen a chinese doctor for a year and I'm a big believer!

  5. I've been going to a naturopath for almost a year, she also does acupuncture. I am a firm believer in the work that they do. Good luck with this and i hope things start turning around.

  6. Sorry to confuse you! I get mixed up sometimes between the IF acronyms and the Creighton acronyms... TEBB is tail-end brown bleeding, the stuff at the end of your menstrual flow.