4 December 2008

Please give me strength

So tonight is parent-teacher interviews. All of the parents are coming, except for my parent from hell.

Yes, the child that never has her homework done, her agenda is never signed, and she is always at the office because of behaviour issues. Her mother was the last parent to send in her conference form and this morning I get a note saying that she can't make it for her allotted time. I even planned into my dinner hour so I could fit her in. 


So I told my school secretary about the cancellation and I was informed that the parent from hell has called the principal to complain about her kid's report card. 

Honestly, if I don't do the work with the child nothing gets done. I mean nothing. It's apparently my fault that there is no review or follow-up at home. It's also my fault that the Ministry of Education is making me teach the curriculum. 

Have I mentioned that I teach in an optional program? It was the parents' choice to apply for the class. It was also stated very clearly that parental support is necessary for their child to succeed.

I really hate it that some parents just do their children a disservice and then don't take any responsibility for their actions. 

Sometimes I really wish I could say what I was thinking, but yet again I'm going to have to try to put on a happy face and grin and bear it when she accuses me of being the worst teacher in the world.

Please give me strength. 

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  1. I hope you survived your parent teacher interviews.