11 December 2008


This is a question for all of you Creighton Model ladies out there.

I just looked at my prescription for C.lomid that my doctor wrote me and I noticed that it says very clearly "Clomid 50 mg 1/2 po g day Day 3 to 7."

I am currently on day 11 of my cycle and I've had 5 days of tail end brown bleeding (TCIE that's for you!). I'm certain now that I've missed my chance to take C.lomid this month. For some reason I thought that she said something about taking it from Peak +3 to +7, kind of like the HCG shots. Perhaps I wasn't paying close attention since she had just confirmed my suspicions of having endo.

What do I do? Should I still take it even though it's too late? Or do I just wait until next month?



  1. Darn it, I think you have to wait till next cycle. I'd call the doctor just to be sure, but I wouldn't take it unless the doctor herself said to do it. I've never in my life taken nearly so much medication as I have in the last couple of years, and I was really embarrassed that I misread the instructions on Mucinex of all things! For several cycles, I took 1/4 of the right dose, and then I moved up to 1/2 before I finally figured it out. It's a lot to keep straight!

  2. I think it's just day 3 - 5 as it's meant to bring on ovulation (but also has the nasty side effect of sometime thinning the lining).

  3. You will have to wait until next month. You are too late in your follicular phase for the clomid to do much good.

  4. Yeah, unfortunately you'll have to wait :( I'm so sorry! It is usually given either days 3-7 or days 5-9, because it is an aromatase inhibitor, which means it supresses estrogen production in order to stimulate more FSH production... at this late point, you'd mess too much with the follie growth, I think.

    I always hated that term tail-end brown bleeding. It sounds like it's brown bleeding from the... well... you know.

  5. When is your surgery again?

    I wonder why Clomid if they suspect you have endo? Just my uneducated question. I guess if its mild endo you can get prego. But if it is worse than just mild, the chances are slim. So then why bother with clomid? I dunno?

    I know that when I went on Femara for a few months and got off of it that is when my endo symptoms started really showing their ugly head.

    Anyway, just wandering. :)

  6. I concur with the others here -- though I took Clomid for two cycles I was one of those that had thinning lining so I also had estrogen supplements...but I do remember there were two options -- 3-7 or days 5-9

    I'm so sorry -- I know when you're waiting it seems heartbeaking to wait longer.

  7. Don't take it, you'll just be waisting it, you need to take it before you ovulate!!!

  8. Duck is right: You take Clomid starting either cycle day 3 or 5, depending on your doc's protocol.

    Maybe it's a good thing you'll have to wait, as it gives the naturopath's suggestions some time to do their thing before you add another stressor to your system.

    I found that taking clomid at night right before bed helped with the side effects.

    I hope the cold is banished soon!

  9. Yep, the others are right, you'll have to wait until next cycle - sorry hon.

    Hope you are feeling better as well xxx

  10. Wait to take it til next time!
    (but I also prefer Femara (letrozole) -- I have heard that Clomid dries up your mucus and thins your lining... any chance you can switch???"

  11. i asked my doctor about the femara but she said that it wasn't indicated for her purposes -- i'll have to ask again when i see her january.

    now that my cold is almost better i'm going to try the B6 again, but at half the dosage like my naturopath said, but perhaps i'll wait until school is out on friday to do so.