16 December 2008

A question

I'm running on fumes here folks. I don't think that I've ever been this tired before in my life. I'm almost recovered from my cold, although it's moved into my chest and when I cough it sounds really, really bad. I finally have some energy AND my house is almost all decorated for Christmas. My guest room is full of gifts that are ready to be wrapped, but that will all have to wait until school is out.

My first primary Christmas concert went well. The kiddies were so cute and their parents were absolutely tickled to see their children singing Christmas songs in French. I've discovered that my class absolutely love performing! They break into spontaneous song at the strangest times: while doing seatwork, when they're eating their snacks, when lining up! It's so cute.

I've forgiven myself for "forgetting" to take the C.lomid last week. I think that part of my slip-up was subconsciously not wanting to take it. The other part was because I was pretty pathetically sick. I'm also feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the medication I have to take. Not only am I taking my asthma and colitis meds, I'm also on on so many supplements AND the low dose naltrexone. I decided to take a break from the B6 until I'm completely recovered and rested. I really hope that I can take it since it seems as though it's helpful for so many women.

So here is my question for all of you: It's been almost a year since I started my blog and Mr. JB doesn't know about it. I'm thinking that I'm going to write a post to him during the holidays to show him what I've been doing all this time on the computer. I don't think that he's going to be upset that I didn't tell him sooner, but I kind of like that I have something all to myself. What would be the best way to tell him? Advice anyone?

I'm off to bed. Only three more sleeps until vacation!


  1. I think that's a great idea! If he knows it is helping you, I'm sure he'll be supportive.

  2. I have no idea how you should break that news... Did you want to surprise him with it or just tell him in a certain way?

    As for the kiddos, we did a Christmas concert where the theme was Christmas around the world... each grade level did a different country/language. We chose Italy, and it was SO CUTE seeing them all sing "Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle" in Italian :) Kids pick up languages and accents so quickly, it's amazing. I'm a firm believer that languages should be introduced early, and also 1 period per day (not per week).
    Glad your concert went so well!

  3. Don't be surprised if he already knows(boys are pretty smart that way) and Mr. Duck found my blog when I thought that he didn't know (well I told him and he was like yeah I knew but didn't want to say anything in case you stopped blogging). Glad that your starting to feel better (my Dad was a teacher and always got an awful flu before/during Christmas - all those germy kids!).

  4. Oh, I'm sort of jealous --only because G has known of the blog since I started it -- and even though its wonderful in most ways (and in a lot of ways he forgets about it and doesn't read forever) -- but I do feel slightly constrained -- what if say, I want to talk about an ex? Some wistful moment in my life not related to him?

    Can't, well I can -- but I risk his pouting -- so sometimes have a space all your own is powerful.

    On the flip side I think it has given him some insight into this journey for me -- and I might even couch it gently -- "I've had this tool that's really helped me..."

    Good luck -- I'll be interested in reading how it unfolds!


  5. Good question. I haven't told my H either, but I think he has an idea since I'm always talking about how helpful the blogs I've been reading have been.

    Awe those kids sound so cute! The parent's must have really enjoyed it!!!
    I've never worked with kids before, only by way of babysitting, and i figure that isn't the same thing. The other day I was trying to help out my 8 year old nephew with his homework, the lack of patience or probably more like the the lack of skills in my part, resulted in me giving him the answer in the end...afterwards i just told his older sister to help him she ended up doing the same thing (giving up the answer, she's only a year older then him) He was a bit resentful at the fact that his sister was the one helping him but then he quickly got over it! Little boys they're so funny. Now I've gone off topic and I can't remember why I was commenting...oh yeah have no idea how you would tell your H as I have no clue how i would tell mine since i already suspect he knows anyway!! Bonne Chance!!

  6. My guy knows I blog, but he has never insisted on seeing it and I keep it to myself. Not that he couldn't read it; he knows all of what I write about, more or less, because I talk to him about it.

    Is it important, you feel, for him to read your words? Or do you just want him to know what you're up to? If that's the case, you can leave the door open for him (i.e. tell him about the blog, but don't say he has to read it) and let him make the call.

    Or you can keep it to yourself. All very valid options, imho.

    I really hope you heal very, very soon, my poor JB! How exciting that break is around the corner!