29 April 2008

Pogo anyone?

I knew that we had bought the right house when the first kid that I met in my townhouse complex was jumping on a pogo stick. I had just moved into the house and I was at the mailbox. Redheaded Michael came bouncing by and introduced himself. It was beautiful sunny day in April and I was so happy that I was a new homeowner.

I had my interview this afternoon. I have had many job interviews and I think that I'm a pretty good candidate. I spent a lot of the afternoon prepping for the interview (thank God that my students were working away on a project!) and I was almost shaking on my way to the school. I felt myself talking way too fast and I know that I came across as nervous, but I guess I had the right answers because:


The offer is contingent on enrollment. The primary French Immersion program is a pilot that the school board is running and the information meeting is tomorrow night and applications are due on May 21st. I won't know until then if my position is a sure thing, although I am certain that there is interest in the program.

It's been a long time since I've felt so incredibly happy and elated. I'm going to jump up and down now. Too bad that I don't have my own pogo stick...


  1. Congrats on the job! If I ever get kids, I would love to have them in primary french emersion, after spending 2 years in montreal learning french, I can say that I would want my kids to learn it when they are young.

  2. Congratulations!! Best news I've heard all week!

  3. Wahoo!! Huge congrats J!!