3 April 2008

Some asses need some serious kicking

I admit it. I'm very high strung, thus the need for all the yoga. I can usually keep my emotions in check, but if one more person gets into my way today, I'm going to go postal.

I'm fighting my second cold in a month thanks to Mr. JB. Not only am I so ridiculously congested and tired, I haven't been able to go to yoga all week since I can't breathe through my nose! Last night when I got home from school I fell asleep for three hours! Then I had dinner and went to bed for another seven hours. Although I feel rested, I'm still not well. Argh.

Yesterday morning I spent a very frustrating forty minutes trying to find an ultrasound clinic that could do a follicular U/S. I spoke to four different clinics (to four very dumb people) before I found a place that even knew what a follicular ultrasound was!!! Lucky for me I got appointments before school so I don't have to book any time off (since I have to go for daily U/S for a week!). AND I went for bloodwork at a local lab and the technician is a family friend (and someone that has no idea about our TTC woes). To top it off I also had to speak to two moms about their sons' plagiarized Social Studies assignments.

So today was marginally better until I got home and checked our voicemail. Our new doctor wanted to see our records from the evil fertility clinic. I filled out a form at her office and just expected that the records would be forwarded to her office. Alas I was mistaken. I got home to a message saying that I have to drive to the evil clinic and pay them $25 for my records! WTF???? Last time I checked those were my records, right? Why do I have to pay someone to have my personal medical records released to me? Are they punishing me for going to a fertility clinic that has ethics and actually cares for their patients? Do they hate me because I didn't drop thousands of dollars to make a baby? Did I hurt my asshole doctor's feelings when I told him that I didn't want to undergo IVF even though he kept on insisting that it was the only way that I was going to have a baby?

So what to do? Do I call and yell at them? Or do I just suck it up and drive up to the clinic and put down my $25? Advice anyone?


  1. Hi there-
    Found you while clicking around.
    Sorry to hear about your stress.
    I know how hard it is not to do some yoga when you really want to!
    In New York, doctors are permitted to charge a photocopy fee of something like 75 cents per page.
    I got my records from my first RE (in NY) by asking for them, and they charged no fee.
    If you feel up to it, you could "question" the first clinic about what the fee is for, or dispute the fee, or ask if there is a way, if your new doctor requests the records, you could avoid the fee.
    Good luck!

  2. I say call them and give them a credit card over the phone. I wonder if it is my clinic or not. . .

    I know most places charge the fee for 'copying' charges.

    Does yoga really help keep the emotions in check? If so SIGN ME UP!

  3. Delurking here -

    I agree with the PP, the $25 is a "copy fee". They can charge it to you, but I believe most offices won't/can't charge it to other physicians. Check with New Doc to see if their office can request the records (that's what I was able to do in my most recent doc change).

    Best of luck!

  4. I would just cut your losses, pay the $25 and take your records and run. No need to add more stress in your already stressful life. My two sense.

  5. Yikes! Looks like getting a doctor to request the records would be best, anyway. You can even tell your new doc that the office is giving you a hard time.

    And for $25, they should be faxing your records at the very least. Bastards.

    I'm glad, though, that you're getting some better quality care. I hope it brings good things!

  6. Yeah, I agree with the other girls. Don't fight this one, save your strength for the bigger battles. I hope your week gets better.

  7. Ugh, what a pain. But I agree with the others, it sucks, but I would just cut your loss.

  8. Hey Jelly,
    I saw you over on the lost and found, I'm moving back to Toronto, I just spend 2 years in Montreal. I read that the "evil clinic" called. So we will be moving our TTC crap over to a Toronto clinic, and would love to know what the evil clinic is, just to avoid same clinic.

  9. thanks for all of the helpful feedback. i've calmed down since last week (and report cards are done and my course finishes tonight) so i will have time to deal with the evil clinic tomorrow.

    i really hope that i don't have to yell at anyone tomorrow.

  10. Hi -- delurking here to say hello and to commiserate...I absolutely HATE the plagairism bs -- we used that website -- turnitin.com -- it's truly awesome but a pain in the ass to get schools to hook into (always money, always money)...

    I definitely would benefit from a return to yoga as this whole process has jumpstarted my anxiety...

    good luck with the clinics...I'm in the process of switching mine...


    p.s. I linked to your blog -- I hope you don't mind!