21 February 2008

I'm it!!!!

I've been tagged twice so I'm thinking it's a sign that I better get cracking.... 

Thanks to Mrs. X  and My Reality for giving me an excuse to procrastinate!!! 

The rules:
1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules.
3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4) Tag at least three people.
5) Be sure the people you tagged KNOW you tagged them by commenting on what you did.

Alors voici....

1. I have to read the obits every morning with breakfast. I know that it's a morbid habit and I've tried to stop, but I can't. 

2. I lived in Paris, France in the tiniest apartment known to man.  The rent was ridiculous and I couldn't open my bathroom door when my sofa bed was open, but it was the one of the best experiences I've ever had. 

3. I have an addiction to lip products. At last count I have three types of lip balm, a lip gloss, two lip liners and two lip sticks in my purse right now. I also have emergency chapstick in my car, desk drawer at work, in the living room and in my yoga bag. I also go to Target to load up on medicated Chapstick because they stopped selling it in Canada. Whenever we cross at the border I'm afraid that they'll search our car and just find dozens of tubes of Chapstick. We'd get so arrested. 

4. I have an insane amount of Christmas decorations. Last summer when my husband was cleaning out the basement he found NINE boxes of Christmas stuff. I got rid of four boxes after being mocked openly, but I refuse to get rid of my snowman collection. 

5. I never remember movies. I am completely lost when people quote scenes. Even if I just saw the movie I can't recall what happened. I also can't remember jokes. 

5. I pretend to be really annoyed when Mr. JellyBelly watches the Young and the Restless, but secretly I'm just as addicted as he is!

6. I like to wake up before my alarm every morning so I feel like I win. But right after I wake up I hit snooze at least five times. 

So I'm tagging Io, and  Aurelia. I know I'm supposed to tag three people, but I could only find two on my frequently read list that weren't tagged yet. 


  1. When we used to get our local paper--which is the epitome of small-town journalism--I loved reading the obits, for the kick-ass names. They were second only to the amazing letters to the editor. You'd be astonished how exercised some folks get about daylight savings or sidewalk repair.

    Re: the nemesis. It's pitiful that all she has to talk about is how she's swelling up with child. I mean, with the exception of us poor IFers, anyone can do it (and hell, we most likely will, too). It's not like she's just written a good book or won an award for heroism or done anything really, except host a fetus. It's so frustrating, though, that self-centered ninnies reproduce easily when lots of fantastic women struggle.

  2. You have found out my deepest darkest secret- I too read the obits. I actually read Sweetie obits when he was recovering from surgery (yes, a bit morbid, but he made it through!).

    I also have an addiction to chapstick. Everytime I use it, I'm reminded of my 6th grade science teacher who told of us this phenomenon which I then told my father who was well on his way to addiction. Now, I'm addicted. :(

    LOL Shinejil- I am astonished at how riled people get about DST and sidewalk repair!

  3. I'm addicted to Chapstick, too. I've got at least 6 on the go right now. If we are out and I realize I don't have one, I panic and make a bee-line to the nearest drug store to buy another one. My husband thinks I'm nuts.

  4. I am sitting here with a tube of medicated chapstick that I bought recently. I think I got it at Walmart. I think it might be coming back. The tube is a different colour of blue than it used to be, but I got it in Canada!