7 May 2013

The tale of the mysterious CM

Oh yes, when one is IF, there is no such thing as TMI.

So I have a pretty predictable body. If you were to look at my Creighton charts you would see the same pattern.

I'm at the end of chart 10, so I am saying this with some authority.

So today, on peak +7, I see some lovely 10KL. Just once, so far.


What is going on?

I've never double peaked.

My exercise regimen hasn't recently changed.

I did had the stomach flu, but I've been better for more than a week.

I did do an HCG trigger on April 28th (nope, no coincidence there!). And peak day was two days later.

What the heck is going on???

(I apologize to those of you that saw this question in the FB IF group!).



  1. I've got no advice. Sorry :(.

    But I am praying!!

  2. Wait - that's you in the FB group? Yes I really am that clueless... No advice, but lots of prayers! Here's hoping for good things. :)

  3. Sorry to not be of any help... I have no idea... but I just friended you on FB :)

  4. No advice either but would love the FB group info.

  5. No advice by I am praying!

  6. Interesting. So the trigger was last cycle?

    1. I've done a trigger for the last three cycles.

  7. I have that sometimes, I am trying to conceive too. Unfortunately it may mean that there is a cyst. But if it is, they go away :-)
    Prayers to you!