22 May 2013

And the suckiness continues...

So, I'm definitely messed up. 

Day two of doubling my thyroid meds is not going well, but it may have to do with what I ate today. I didn't do well with the low GI business today. Yesterday, I ate like a superstar and I felt fantastic. 

Stupid gf carbs. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

And I will steer clear of grains. 


I'm feeling particularly grumpy because I had to buy a baby shower present for my cousin's knocked up girlfriend. 

Apparently the trick is to not be married and be uneducated to get pg. 

At least it works in my family. 

Employed, married, financially stable with a nice home? 

Nope, no baby for you. 

Still live with your parents? Have nothing in your bank account? Are completely irresponsible (hence, the knocking up your girlfriend part)? Then have a baby. 

Do I sound bitter? 

I am so grateful that I can't attend. I conveniently have a workshop all weekend, so I don't even have to lie.

I need a good dose of humility. Or perhaps a lobotomy. 

St Rita, pray for us! 


  1. We totally lived with my husband's parents, had no money:..but it didn't help us get pregnant...dang!! Too bad, that would have been way to easy!! Lol!
    I guess it only works for some!

  2. I am so glad that you have a legitimate reason to get out of going to that shower! As bad as buying a present can be, at least it is over quickly. I hope the workshop is completely engrossing such that thoughts if what you are "missing" never cross your mind. Prayers on adjusting to this new medicine!

  3. It does always seem like that's the recipe for getting pregnant. Nice of you to buy the gift at least. I probably wouldn't have done that if I wasn't going. Hope your thyroid meds get all worked out. I know when they tried to up my T3 I was super anxious and panicked, and then they dialed it back down and I felt normal.

  4. It's a blessing you don't have to go to the shower for you would have probably had to endure a lot of ignorance...and stupidity. God is good! Hey, and you don't have to lie about it...woohoo. I always pray for the baby in those situations...the parents have choices...the baby doesn't. I need to get my thyroid test results in...maybe tomorrow I'll have time to call my dr.

  5. Wacky thyroid is the worst. Hope it evens out soon. Glad you could evade the shower. What's up with the easy pregnancies. It always makes me feel so different from the rest of the world. This road isn't easy. As always, you are in my prayers!

  6. Ha--that's how to get pregnant in my family too! 11 of 13 of my grandma's living great-grandchildren were conceived out of wedlock (Four cousins. Three of my cousins and 9 of those great-grandkids are still on welfare.) My sister and I were the only ones who got married BEFORE starting, and guess what? IF for both of us :(

  7. Those unwed couples getting pregnant are the worst :(. Although, our friends who waited to establish careers and whatnot and still got pregnant right away in their late thirties were hard for me to take, too.
    I feel ya on those gf grains! I indulged in corn and dairy plus a slice of gf birthday cake for Hubby's birthday and I am feeling yucky. Blech.

  8. Yep. We are doing it all wrong too :(.

    Sending lots of prayers your way!

  9. Prayers coming your way!
    Being unmarried & getting pg seems to be the way most of our extended family has expanded too. :-/

  10. I suspect that I legitimately, biologically, could have gotten pregnant until about 15-16 (I didn't have cramps until that age, and then I got them, and then they immediately became insane - by 11th grade I was taking 16 Tylenol a day and they were doing NOTHING. So I assume that the endo had started by then. Too bad there was no one to tell me that it wasn't normal to feel like that). So I suppose by waiting to get married - at 23! - I was just being irresponsible with my fertility :).

    Too bad the babies don't get to set criteria for their future families...

  11. You forgot not wanting a baby on your list. That still gets me even today. I'm so sorry hun. If I could pray you into parenthood I would. What the heck is God thinking? I know He has a plan but dang, could he just let you in on it?