15 March 2013

What a way to end a vacation....

I suspected that she was going to arrive.

No late cycle boob pain.

A call from my Napro doctor to increase my progesterone since the 200mg plus HCG just wasn't enough.

The fact that I could feel the pressure in my pelvis when I woke up this morning.

Yes, AF got to spend the day at the beach with me today.


Thank God for Margaritas.

I may have to make one when I home.

Or a pitcher.

I'm going to focus on our next homestudy appointment on the 22nd.

And I will try not to steal any adorable Mexican children at the airport.

And here is our last towel animal:


  1. AF has had some bad timing for me also...I just want it come on the weekends when I'm home and can relax...otherwise...I just have to get through my day until I can get home and lay down. Sounds like you had a nice trip otherwise...my dh and I are not really going anywhere for s.b. because I'm doing a training for my new career!

  2. I'm sure their parents wouldn't mind if you only stole one or two.

    I'm looking forward to being off depo in a couple of months because I'm convinced it is making it impossible for me to lose those five pounds that are irritating me and forcing me to wear the same outfit every day for work (I exaggerate only slightly), but I am NOT looking forward to menstruating again. Blech.

  3. Boo, AF!! BOO! BOO! You remain in my prayers, JB.

  4. Blech. Stupid AF. I wish she could have stayed away. A margarita sounds like a way to make her not suck so bad for awhile. :-/

  5. Mother. Effer.

    Have one for me. Oh, wait, no, I'll have a few for myself...