17 March 2013

Back to reality...

All good things must come to an end.


It is understatement that I didn't want to come home.

I especially didn't want to have to deal with subzero temperatures (although there isn't more snow) or having to go to work tomorrow.

I've hosted a student teacher for the past month and it has become more work than I had bargained for. It's like having another larger, more needy student, not another adult. I just finished writing an interim report that outlines all of her shortcomings.

Suffice it to say that I will have a very unhappy person in my midst come Tuesday morning.

Is there an easy way to tell someone that their French is crap and they have no classroom management?

I don't have a problem telling little kids what they can do better, but a thirty-four year old mature student?

Yup, I'm having difficulty.

I'm having a particularly hard time since I've tried to tell her in many different ways what she can do to improve, but she doesn't listen (or isn't able to?). My gut says that she isn't 100% invested in becoming a teacher.

And that really bothers me.

I love being a teacher. I love my students. I also believe that God called me to my profession.

My student teacher.

Not so much.

And it really bothers me that one day she will get a job and will teach little kids. And they'll see right through her.

It also really sucks that I'm responsible for telling her this sad truth.

Have I mentioned that she is my first student teacher? And I almost begged to have one?

Honestly, why do I feel like God is having a good chuckle on my behalf?

p.s. Happy St. Paddy's Day!


  1. One of the reasons I never could commit to going back to get my certification was because I sensed my lack if skills in managing a classroom. It is a quality I envy in successful teachers abc your right the kids are the toughest critics and they will size her up right away, wishing you luck!! That must be so hard, but your honesty is much more a gift to her than sugar-coating and setting her up to think she great and she plunders in the classroom!
    Looking forward to updates as you take more steps in the adoption process, you are always prayed for by this Cajun little family ;)

  2. Ohhhhh, hon, how appropriate is this blog post from the perspective of infertility, too!! How many times do we feel called to motherhood, only to watch those around us go through the necessary "motions" of motherhood without being fully invested in it?

    And yet, we can't change either one. Lead by your example. Hopefully seeing what an awesome teacher you are will inspire her, maybe not now, but someday. Or at the very least, make her feel really bad about herself. KIDDING!! ;)

  3. I'm not a teacher, but I do often have an intern so I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes you get one that is a true help and takes work off your plate, other times... not. I do try to use the "sandwich" technique when I do their reviews - start out mentioning something positive, sandwich in the negatives, and then close with another positive (dig deep!) LOL! I'm sure you will handle it kindly but firmly and that's all you can really do!

  4. Teaching is hard work..much harder than I had thought..and very stressful...she should bail now before she gets her own classroom and a contract and has to stay in that job for nine months! I'm sure your kids are higher functioning than mine...and better behaved..which makes all the difference.

    Welcome home and welcome back to reality!

  5. Yuck! Hope she's taking what you say to heart- the last thing we need is a passion-less teacher. Good for you for being honest with her!

  6. I have supervised a couple people in my profession, and I was very lucky that they were skilled at what they were doing. I am so sorry that this experience didn't work out as you had hoped. Prayers for you in having to tell her the hard truth. I hope you will still take on a new student teacher in the future, because you will really help that new teacher with the model of your strong skills and passion!!

  7. I really wish people that didn't want to be teachers wouldn't be teachers. It makes all teachers look bad. We've all had those people teach us at one point or another. :(
    Sorry about AF. Glad you're home safe and sound.

  8. I hope your talk went well. It always stinks to have to critique another person, but you do need to tell the truth. I hope she took it well.