11 March 2013


So, Mr JB and I are taking it easy before we head to dinner -- it's International Night at the buffet, I'm so curious! The food has been amazing (even when I had to have a special meal because there was nothing I could have). AND there's nothing like a breakfast buffet, especially one that has a Vi.tamix (if you don't know what a Vi.tamix is, google it, we LOVE ours at home!).

Anyhow, back to my complaining.

We're watching "Fri.ends" on one of the few English channels that we have and the episode is all about Monica and Chandler's IF. I remember watching the episodes when they first aired, but they didn't make any impression back in 2004 when I was blissfully ignorant to my body's brokenness.

I also can't help but think that Dr Hilgers could've helped them.

I should look at the bright side: they did end up adopting.

Perhaps this is a sign?

Or perhaps I got too much sun (which I did, I got a little burn on my chest despite the sunscreen) and we shouldn't watch TV while on vacation.

I just wish that IF could take a vacation too.

Btw, here's our towel animal of the day:


  1. Ba...boon? It needs little eyes to make itself known, I think.

  2. Look like a baby! Maybe it's a sign. It no longer has to mean pregnancy for you......:) and I have always found that episode to be hilarious. Was it the one where chandler says his guys won't get off their barka loungers and her uterus is prepared to kill the ones that do?? I laughed till I cried. You'll be a mom!! Focus on the end result, not that you won't get it the way you want. That baby will be worth every moment of pain. I promise.

  3. I love the thought of IF taking a vacation... or taking a vacation from it. You can take a break from your job, your home & housekeeping, pets... If you ever figure out how to take a break from IF, let us all know! Even a temporary respite would be bliss.

  4. It looks like a small, contemplative Eskimo.

  5. I loved watching that show too. Not sure what that towel is suppose to be..I thought baby too. hmmmm....glad you are getting some sun. I'm tired of being cold!

  6. Dog? ?? Not sure about your animal there....
    I agree 100% with Barbie ... your baby will be worth it! I have to google that Friends episode you talk about ... I was sheltered back then, I guess. :)

  7. I was thinking lion, but who knows? Love the towel animal updates though :) IF should definitely take a vacation and go somewhere far away! Maybe IF will like it so much there, it'll decide to stay...away... forever! Then we would all have a party and IF will be somewhere tropical and happy. Win-win. I agree with AIHPT, I was sheltered too and never watched much Friends. lol.

  8. Ahh, I used to watch marathons of Friends when I was stuck on the couch in pain from endo all those years. Those episodes really hit me hard sometimes :(. That barkalounger joke was pretty funny, though, haha!
    Hope you're enjoying your vacation!