9 July 2012

Don't worry...

I'm still alive, but I'm currently taking a course -- a very interesting Religion course that I need to take if I want to go into administration.

I just wanted all of you to know that I'm still alive and infertile.

Starting acupuncture to try to lower my FSH this week. I am so thankful that Mr. JB's bf is doing my treatment at a very reduced cost!

I also start my fourth (yay!) ultrasound series next week! [Please note the sarcasm. Honestly, if the appointments weren't convenient I was just going to forget it, but the booking lady was so accommodating I took it as a sign that I should go through with it.]

Taking evil Fla.gyl in the attempt to get rid of the minimal TEBB that I have been having since my surgery. Btw, I learned a very hard lesson on Saturday. I took my morning dose before I went to yoga. I started to feel nauseous during class (it could've bee the meds, or the fact that it was really hot in the room) so when I got home I lay down. I proceeded to fall asleep and two hours later I woke up feeling incredibly sick. I am never going to go fall asleep on an empty stomach ever again! I am so happy that the headaches have finally abated and I feel like a normal human being again.

I almost bit through my tongue today in class. We're currently talking about ethics and the topic of birth control and ART came up. Thank God for Sew and Mr. JB. They got me through the discussion without screaming, throwing anything or outing myself as an infertile.

I am sure that there will be some interesting insights by the end of this course. I have also learned that I know so much more about my faith than my classmates -- not that I'm trying to brown nose!

But for now, I'm spent.

It also doesn't help that I went to a yoga/boot camp class tonight. I have never felt so out of shape in my life.

My summer vacation officially starts on July 20th. 

I can't wait!


  1. BOOO Flagyl!!! It's impossible for me to overstate how much I hate it.

  2. Ugh. Nausea is the worst .. You really toughed it out!! Im glad you know so much about the class you are taking & have a chance to witness ... It is amazing sometimes how little other people know. The IF / ART discussion topic is so hard ... It's hard to say nothing and also to open a "can of worms". I always seem to not say the right things at the time, but rather think of them later. :-).

  3. Flagyl is the worst! Hang in there!!!

  4. It's great that your taking that course, you would be a fantastic administrator and practicing calm discussions is always a great skill to work on.

    Enjoy the accupuncture, I know a few woman who have seen improvements using axcucpuncture, and it's so relaxing. I always used to have the best sleep during accupuncture.

  5. 10 days til summer vacation !! Yeah !

  6. Ditto to what All In His Perfect Timing wrote.

  7. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate TEBB? Prayers that it goes away...far. far. far. away!

    I have taken a couple online classes where ART comes up - in fact I'm taking a Practical Morality course right now and I'm just waiting for it. It's so hard to stay calm and not jump up and down screaming "Hey people, you are talking about REAL people, like me!" On a positive note, it's awesome to get validation on knowing your faith!!!


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