14 March 2012

Greetings from AZ!

We are having a wonderful vacation.

I've been able to sleep in, read and just enjoy doing nothing.

[insert happy sigh here]

We arrived late Saturday (although our plane was half an hour early getting in!) and Sunday was Mr. JB's cousin's wife's birthday, so they hosted a barbecue for their friends and family. I was feeling quite tired so I took a long nap in the middle of the party. I have never dealt well with time changes, so I needed the rest.

On Monday we had lunch at a vegan restaurant in Phoenix. It was a strange experience and the service was horrible, but the food was delicious. We went to a neighbouring used book store to get some more books since Mr. JB and I are finishing all of of our vacation reading!

Yesterday we went to Tucson. We went on a short hike (Mr. JB hates hikes!) in Catalina State Park. We took the path to see the wildflowers. I love how the flowers grow in the desert among the cacti. I took so many pictures. Afterward we headed to downtown Tucson. We drove around and visited St. Augustine Cathedral -- what a beautiful church! We finished off the evening at El Charro, a fantastic Mexican restaurant. The woman that founded the restaurant's father built the cathedral, so it was like our day came full circle. I can't wait to have my leftovers!

We're having a lazy day today. We're about an hour outside of Phoenix, so we decided to stay local since we drove so much yesterday and Monday. I think that we're going to see a movie and then just hang out by the pool.

Unfortunately, I won't be seeing the wonderful AZ bloggers Leila and Danya. We're just too far away and I don't feel comfortable asking to borrow our relatives' huge truck and traveling to the city on my own. This definitely isn't our last trip to the AZ, so we'll have to figure out something the next time we're here (which won't be too long!).

On the IF front: my CM has been so strange. I was told not to take C.lomid since my FSH was so high last cycle and I'm still taking a mucus enhancer. I usually have more 10KL going on, but I've had some strange brown mucus (sorry, TMI) and not too much CM. Very weird. I guess my body just wants to keep me guessing!


  1. brown mucus? doesn't that mean bleeding as in old dried blood?

    Glad that you are having a good time on vacation. I hope that the good times continue when you get back home too.

  2. Darn that brown stuff! It should be banished from all of our bodies!

    Sounds like a fun trip. My husband hakes hiking, too, but I love it, so I have to drag him out a few times a year.

  3. Isn't the weather glorious right now in Arizona?! My daughter and I joined my husband on a conference he is attending. He's working and we're playing. I love the sunshine!! Enjoy!

  4. So sad you won't be able to see L&D :(

    Glad you are having a relaxing time! It sounds amazing!

  5. Glad you are having a good time! You deserve it .:)

  6. So happy for your r and r! Enjoy! :)

  7. Enjoy your well deserved time in the sun! We're having sun in toronto, only 17 degrees, but it's welcomed.

    Hmm, I dnt understand cm at all, but when I actually did ovulate there was brown stuff, so maybe something different is a good thing?

  8. Enjoy your vacation! Sounds lovely!

  9. Glad to hear you're having a good time! A good languid vacation with nothing to do but read books and laze about is the BEST kind. Not that doing stuff isn't fun, but adulthood seems to be short on that whole time standing still feeling, and I think we need that sometimes.

  10. My dh and I talking about a trip to AZ maybe this year sometime...I have a brother who lives near Phoenix. It would be great to see his new house and enjoy some AZ sun. Now is a great time to be there. Enjoy!

  11. Totally new here. I frequently had brown spotting because of the angle of my uterus and the cervix. It meant I ovulated. This may happen following a day or two after a cervical exam as well. I had secondary infertility and infertility related to my thyroid for years. Oddly, by our "numbers" you'd never guess because we have a large family. But the last group had many miscarriages and large spacings due to short luteal phase and low progesterone . Using CM will continue to benefit you too.

  12. Glad you're enjoying (or were enjoying) the warm AZ weather ... and got a BREAK! YAY for vacations!!!