3 March 2012


I had the best dream last night.

The setting didn't quite make sense, but I was definitely at work (although it looked nothing like my school). Two of my colleagues that are "in the know" about my IF were forcing me to POAS (which all of you know, I do not do).

One of women brought me a test in bubble wrap (I have no idea what that means!) and she made me go to the washroom (which was MUCH nicer than the real facilities). I did the deed and when I looked down at the test it was positive.

In my dream I was shocked, but elated.

I even did the "When was the last time I took HCG?" count in my dream.

My other colleague took the test out of my hand and I said, "You know I just peed on that, don't you?"

The rest of the dreams blurs, but I woke up happy.

I'm considering this a sign of good things to come, although I don't think that I'm going to POAS in a staff washroom. Our school board buys clear garbage bags and I really don't want the custodian to see the box.

Btw, the DHEA is going well. I woke up with a headache yesterday morning and I was scared that it was related to the new medication, but this morning I was fine. Thank God!


  1. Good dreams are always a welcome thing :).

    And yay for the DHEA going well.

    Prayers that this cycle is the one where you finally POAS because you are expecting a positive!

  2. Ditto Rebecca!!

    I love good dreams like that. Even for 15 minutes of dream-happiness :)

  3. Great dream and I pray it is a foreshadowing!!!

  4. Sounds like a nice dream...I've had dreams where I'm giving birth and I wake up wondering what it all meant.

    I prefer nice dreams to nightmares...may your dreams come true!

  5. I had a similar good dream a few cycles before we conceived! Praying this dream becomes a reality asap!

  6. I had a dream with me having a baby boy a month before we conceived!

  7. This is a very cool dream. I had a couple of odd 'foreshadowing' type of dreams too, before the miracle happened for us - but I don't think it was really a timeline kind of thing .... all things in time, I suppose :)

    BTW I tracked down the link for the Star Wars voicesfor the gps - at least, I kept on at hubby until he gave me this site:


  8. What a nice dream. I have had several dreams about changing diapers over the last several months. Let's hope our dreams are truly foreshadowing!

  9. What an exciting dream! I love waking up happy :) Praying this really is foreshadowing for you!

  10. Glad the DHEA is is going well! I think the dream is definitely a foreshadowing. :)

    PS, my Lenten internet limit is great for me getting things done around the house, but I must admit I'm feeling a huge void from not having our daily FB chats!! Out of all internet related things, you are what I miss the most!

  11. I'm going to be thinking about that bubble wrap all day :).

  12. That's a wonderful dream, I am praying for you that it happens in real life real soon!!

  13. AAAHHH- the comfort of dreams. Praying that it comes true lickety split!

  14. Hi JB,
    I am doing a Fertility Care blog hop. Care to join?

  15. I really hope it is foreshadowing of good things to come.

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