27 September 2011

Tuesday Musings

1. I slept until 5am this morning. I am convinced that I would've slept to the alarm if the stupid raccoons weren't going through our organic waste outside. The downside of sleeping with the windows open on garbage day. I hate raccoons, but I am thankful for my husband that cleaned the mess up.

2. I told my closest friend on my staff, M, about my surgery at lunch yesterday. We were on our way back to school and she asked me if there was anything new going on and I told her. She was so supportive and optimistic about the surgery's success. It was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. The next person I have to tell is my teaching partner, hopefully I can get that out of the way in the next couple of days.

3. Please pray for my friend M's family (yes, the M in #2). She got word this morning that her niece's boyfriend committed suicide and she was heartbroken. She left school as soon as she got the news, so I don't know all of the details. What I do know is that her niece was dating this boy for two years and that he was a lovely boy. Her niece is away at university so her dad (M's brother-in-law) went to console her while M and her husband went to her sister-in-law's work to break the news to her. I have personally known the darkness of depression, but I can't imagine how low this poor boy felt to end his life.

4. I have booked my day 5 ultrasound for Monday. There was no way I could get TCIE to do the baseline ultrasound, so I got the go ahead from my Napro doctor to get it done locally. I also spoke to the lab that will be taking my day 5 blood on Monday and they were so incredibly helpful. I had originally thought that I was responsible for sending my own blood to PPVI, so I had called Fed Ex (and spoke to someone very helpful!). Sending one vial of blood on my own would've cost $70!!!! The lab that is taking my blood told me that I wouldn't be allowed to ship my own blood and that they have a corporate account with Fed Ex, so shipping would only be $25.

5. Speaking of money. Mr. JB got in touch with our money guy and we were able to access all of the funds, and a bit more, for my surgery. I have $7000 in the bank from my extra tutoring and my summer job. We had to pay a disbursement fee, but I'm glad that we didn't have to borrow it. It makes a dent in our savings (and our down payment fund), but I am not going to dwell on that. We are so blessed to make a very generous wage and we'll be able to build up our house fund soon enough. Also, the annoying neighbours moved out at the beginning of the month and life has gotten so much more pleasant.

6. I spoke to my teacher's union and got advice about my medical leave. I was worried because my school board has recently implemented an employee absence tracking service. When you reach a certain number of sick days you get called in and get reprimanded. Because I have a doctor's note for both my absences I won't be penalized by the program. My principal was concerned that I would have to take part in the "counseling" they give employees with too many absences. What a relief!

7. My class is nuts. I was blessed with two years of great classes, but these kids are giving me a run for my money. I've had to resort to tactics I used with older kids since the same primary discipline techniques I've used are not working. Let's just say that the third day of school I had to talk myself out of getting wine. Instead I waited until the next day, since I wasn't coming home from a yoga class. Part of me is relieved to take the time off since they are CRAZY!

8. I saw my Cranio Sacral Therapist today and she was doing a lot of work in my abdomen area and she broke through a couple of adhesions. I've been having quite a bit of pelvic pain (which has gotten worse with every cycle, thank God I am having surgery soon!) and she said that she felt quite a bit of scar tissue in my pelvis. I asked her if I had any infection issues and she didn't sense anything, but she said that I was high in metals and I had a virus of some sort. I told her I was convinced that Dr. H is going to find some sort of infection. She asked me how I knew and I told her that I just had a feeling. I am very in tune (almost too much in tune) with my body which isn't always a blessing.

9. I decided that I would tell my closer work colleagues about my surgery via e-mail. Rather than telling them in person (there's a group of four of them that I hang out with regularly), I'm going to send them a message while I'm with TCIE getting wanded. I'll send the message over Canadian Thanksgiving that way it'll give them the week to ask me any questions while I'm away then when I return we can hopefully get on with things. A big part of me know that I won't be able to tell them without getting upset, so it would be so much better for me emotionally AND if they have questions I can answer them in my own time (and hopefully via e-mail!). One of the girls is very pregnant and I don't want her to feel bad when she gets my news.

10. Despite all of the worrying I've been doing I have been feeling so much more positive. My massage therapist even said my jaw is doing so much better. My prayer buddy has been working overtime!!!!

11. Lastly, I want to pray a novena to prepare for my surgery. Does anyone out there have a suggestion?


  1. Wow, I can't believe you are coming up on your surgery date. I am glad that telling your colleague went well. What an exciting/nerve racking time for you.

  2. Phew! 1 colleague down and a few more to go, but it sounds like you have a plan for that. So glad to hear things are falling into place. I'm so hopeful for you and your surgery!!

  3. I'm so glad that the first "coming out" went so well! I'm continuing to pray that everything else goes smoothly!!

  4. How about a novena to St. Gerard? Or St. Luke (patron of physicians and surgeons)?

  5. Your surgery date is getting so close! I'm really excited for you :).

  6. I'm glad telling the first person went well - it is so hard!! Hugs weight off the shoulders though, eh? You have so much strength, JB! :)

  7. JB - Looking for your e-mail, but can't find it. Can you e-mail me?? God bless!

  8. So nice to have told at least one colleague and it went well. :)

    Will pray for M's niece, boyfriend, and family. As a fellow depression sufferer, I too cannot relate to how low one must get to do this (must be awful).

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  10. Are you the same Joy who lived in Austin in 2007? Travis.

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