7 September 2011

Preparing for the worst

So things with my father-in-law's girlfriend is much worse than we thought. Not only is on morphine, but her family has decided to stop feeding her. In fact, she hasn't eaten in ten days.

It is obvious that she is not long for this world.

My FIL went to see her today and he was pretty shaken up when Mr. JB talked to him. One of daughters-in-law was sponging water into her mouth and she was able to recognize him.

Her sister passed away a couple of weeks ago and it seems like she will be joining her soon.

I am sad, but I also have a lot of mixed emotions.

You see, my FIL's girlfriend didn't like me.

At all.

When she was well she made my life miserable. I know that she said untrue, horrible things behind my back. She was jealous of the fact that I actually married into the family while she was just a "girlfriend" (I will never understand why my FIL stayed with her for so long, he didn't want to marry her, and she lived in her own home and they fought all the time).

I am so sad that my FIL is going through something so sad. I am sad that her kids have to go through this. Mr. JB reminds me that at one point, before my time, he had good memories. Unfortunately, in the past (almost) eight years, those distant memories are what he has had to hold onto.

I've been praying about this. I pray for J every night, despite my feelings.

Please continue your prayers for her. I hope that she finds comfort in her pain.


  1. This is so sad. What a beautiful thing to have the opportunity to pray for someone who has hurt you so much. Will pray for her as well.

  2. Praying for your FIL, I"m sure this is very hard.

  3. Praying for you guys in a special way tonight!

  4. Praying for you all. You have a very charitable/holy attitude.

  5. :(

    Praying for you to feel peace at this difficult time.

  6. Praying for your family right now. Thanks for being a good role model to all of us and praying for a person who hurt you.

  7. Its so very thoughtful of you to pray for her - you are showing a beautiful example of "pray for your enemies." Prayers for you both.

  8. Wow. Such a difficult situation on so many levels. I am sure your prayers mean a lot, especially considering your relationship with her. Praying!

  9. You have my prayers...for all involved. So tough.

  10. Sad situation. A good opportunity for you for personal growth.