14 June 2011

And yes, TCIE is my inspiration

TCIE is my girl. Not only does she have the great (?) distinction of being the only other woman from the barren wives weekend (that was July 2009 --- where has time gone????) that has yet to conceive, but she has also tried some interesting therapies to get her ladyparts going.

I've been having TMJ issues. I've been wearing a night guard to sleep since September, been adjusted by my chiropractor and had monthly massages from my RMT, with little relief. Last week while at the massage therapist I asked her if she had any other advice (aside from a labotomy or a jaw transplant) and she suggested seeing her "Integrative Manual and CranioSacral Therapist."

Now, I'm pretty adventurous. I was before IF, so why would it stop me? But what sold me was that my RMT said that between her work and her IMT person she has had patients that have gotten relief from TMJ.

This is what her literature says:

CranioSacral Therapy is the art of listening with the hands to the body. Using gentle touch the therapist is able to discern areas of dysfunction and pain. As the body tells the story, the healthy instinct towards healing is activated.

Integrative Manual Therapy is a type of bodywork that uses many diagnostic tools to evaluate the body. The gentle touch, similar to CranioSacral therapy, can assess and treat many systems of the body. Let yourself be soothed by this gentle, non-invasive profound form of bodywork.

The treatment this afternoon was amazing!!!! We started the conversation off with my being gluten-free. I didn't divulge my IF until she put her hands on the right side of my abdomen and she said that she felt scar tissue. I told her about my surgeries and how messed up I was on the inside, particularly my right fallopian tube that was obscured by adhesions. She said that she could feel that I had had an infection in my pelvis (and it was quite the infection, my pelvic abscess was HUGE!).

She also told me about how my body is reacting to pain. It may be physical or emotional, but my body is reacting in such a way that it is causing my systems to process it in ways that aren't good for healing. At the start of my treatment she said that she sensed alarm in my body and that she wanted me to breathe deeply and think of a place where I was happy and relaxed. It worked since I was able to zone out while she was treating me -- all of that yogic breathing came in handy! It was the fastest hour of my life!

There was a lot of information to take in and I wish that I had taped what she said, but she thinks that she can help break up the adhesions and help with my jaw pain (apparently the bones in my head are all fused together when they should be more mobile, no wonder I have so many jaw issues!).

I know this is just a drop in the bucket compared to what TCIE is doing, but I believe that I'm going to get some positive results!

Thank you so much for your support on my last post. I realized last night that getting that hefty pricetag was a clear sign from our dear St. Anthony. I've been praying so much for a sign of what we are supposed to do and I know now that I am meant to see Dr. Hil.gers.

For my peace of mind I want to seek out the founder of Napro, regardless if OHIP is going to pay for it (was it a coincidence that I got called back to work at the Ministry of Ed this summer? I think not!). I know that I let this chance pass me by that I will regret not taking the opportunity to have surgery done by him. Mr. JB also feels 100% certain that this is what we are supposed to do.

It's interesting how we have come back to this. I knew that it was a remote option that we could see Dr. Hil.gers when we were discussing my first and second surgeries, but I had faith in the surgeon that I was referred to. I don't regret having surgery with him, but I know that I have to go outside of Canada for my treatment. I also know in my heart that this is the last surgery that I will have for my endometriosis. I hope and pray that it will restore my fertility, but at the bottom of it all I want to be healthy. I don't want to have pain (which has been minimal, but I have been having pelvic pain for a while now which I'm sure is related to endo in my bowels or adhesions).

I also know that there are other doctors and other places to seek treatment, but those are not an option. My choice was between Dr. Hil.gers and Dr. S in PA, and now we know who we are going to go with. There have been many things that I have doubted in my quest for baby JellyBelly, but this isn't one of them.

Now I need prayers that some kind bureaucrat will feel sorry for my case and check that box that will make going to Omaha so much easier!


  1. I hope you get that the OHIP people make your life easier, even if they don't it sounds like your making the right decision for you, it's not easy to make these choices, so I'm really glad that you have come to peace with the decision. And, ye never know, they may just pay for it!

  2. JB: I am so happy St, Anthony helped you find an answer. I will continue to pray for you and anything related to out of country and PPVI or anything that I can help you with Omaha please let me know.

  3. I'm so envious of all the treatment options you do have with your naturopath, RMT, and now this IMT person. It is so fascinating. Maybe I need to move to ON! ha, ha. Or I just need to trust God will work things out with the resources available to me. Keep us posted on your surgery date and the OHIP funding!

  4. Oh I hope you find the help you need! And it sounds like you're on the right track! Prayers!

  5. Wow this new treatment sounds wonderful! And Dr. H - sounds like you are indeed being led in that direction. It's so great to have that peace. :)

  6. The Saints are so powerful!!! I pray for continued peace (and to win the lottery)!! This treatment sounds great! You and TCIE need to write a book!

  7. I could scream I am so excited about this. I just know that going out to Dr. Hilgers is going to work wonders in your life...I just know it!! I want to help you with every step. From renting a place vs getting hotel to info about the institute to the tests, etc. I would love to help you with everything. You can call me and we can chat!! Just let me know!!

  8. Wow, I envy you the amazing trip to the PPVI Institute... one of these days I am going to get there (hopefully not for any more surgeries, just to visit with my clan of 14 NaPro babies, hehehe)!

    So funny you write about the massage today because yesterday they did a lot of cranial work on me, and the right side of my face is particularly tight, likely from braces as a teenager.

    I think you'll see some great results, too - do you think you'll go back to this masseuse? (How do you spell that??)

  9. Nadine: I am forever grateful for OHIP! Like I said, I do not regret my two surgeries (and three hospitalizations!). I have only benefitted from the system!

    TCIE: I'm going back in three weeks! I felt great today and I've decided that it's related to my treatment. And yes, you spelled masseuse correctly ;)

  10. I am sooooo excited and hopeful for you!! This is amazing. I see good things ahead….

  11. You will love Omaha! Although I had Dr. Keefe instead of Dr. Hilgers, just the fact that I knew I was in the right place with the people who would be able to help me the most was reassuring! Now, my trouble is being patient while we work on getting my medications all ironed out after the fact!!!
    Also, Creighton Hospital is just wonderful, too! After having my surgery at a local hospital (after I'd experienced Creighton), there was no comparison.
    Although I never commented when you asked "where do I go," I'm so glad you're going to Omaha!