6 June 2011

(Seemingly) The Longest List in the World

Or so it seems to me!

In preparation for my phone call to Omaha tomorrow (please Lord, I hope that I can find a private place during my planning time so I can actually call!) I had to send a list of my medications. It took me quite a while to compile my list.

I know you're all excited to see it, so here it is:

From family doctor:

From Dr. T (NaproTechnology doctor) :
Low Dose Nalt.rexone 4.5 mg
Metf.ormin (2x day, 500mg)
Pre.Vit (prenatal)
H.CG (post-Peak +3, 5,  7,  9)
Estra.ce (Peak +3 to +10)
Cor.tef 10mg 2x/day (breakfast and lunch)

From Dr. Nora (Naturopath):

Vitamin C 500mg 1x/day
Magnesium Citrate 150mg 1x/day
Zinc Picolinate 30mg 1x/day
Vitamin E 400IU 1x/day
Molybedenum 150mcg 1x/day
Chromium Picolinate 200mcg 2x/day
Evening Primrose Oil 1300mg 2x/day (post-Peak)
B complex (B1, B2, B6, B12) 200mcg

Liquid Herbs/Tinctures
1. Astralagus Root/Ginseng Root Chinese White
2. Schisandra Berry/Maca Root
3. Burdock/Dandelion/Celadine/Calendula
4. Milk Thistle/Siberian Ginseng

Afternoon (throughout cycle);
1. Rhodiola
2. Devil’s Club/ Gysnema Leaf

Afternoon pre-Peak:
1. Tribulus/Rhodiola/Dong Quai
2. Red Clover

Afternoon post-Peak:
1. Chaste Tree Berry/Vervain Leaf
Am I the only one that thinks this list is crazy???? 

I do have to say that I do feel really good. I just need to figure out how to take Met.formin and Hy.drocort since they seem to work against one another (thanks to Patiently Waiting for her help today!).

I really hope that I can connect with the booking nurse tomorrow. I would love to have a surgery date for when I see my Napro doc on the 16th!


  1. Oh my goodness, I am impressed you have this all organized, stick to a schedule and work a full time job! You rock! (And I am totally being serious.) I think it is great that we have our own resident pharmacist among the bloggers - Patiently Waiting, what a blessing! Good luck with the phone call to PPVI!

  2. Wow! So when you're at the doctor and they ask you what meds you're on (mine ask every single time, even though they could just look in my chart), do you just pull out a list from your purse??

    I'm praying for you! Hopefully you find quiet time to call and get a great surgery date!

  3. wow, that's a list!

    you are trying for DrP or Omaha?

  4. Oh my God, that's a loooong lonnng list!
    I am waiting for my first NaPro appt and I am excited & hoping to have a list of my own to cure my infertility :)
    Praying for your surgery date.

  5. Wow! That is a long list, JB. Praying for a surgery date soon! PS- if you email me your mailing list, I'll send you a flower pot. I have an extra:-)

  6. How do you keep that all straight?? I'm praying for a good phone call!! Although I wouldn't put much hope in my prayers...they don't seem to be making it to God these days. But I'll keep trying for ya.

  7. That is a big list! I am a Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine combo girl as well. I will take a closer look later today and put these in my computer program to check for interactions, etc. (if you like).

    I hope you find a great time and place to talk to PPVI. I found that if I have to leave a message that get back to me fairly quickly. Be persistent...they are great but a little slooow at times. :)

  8. GL with the phone call! And thanks for posting your list - I know I was sure interested! :)

  9. My husband and I were complaining about our vit/herbs yesterday and how many pills we were required to take. But you shame us!

  10. that list makes me cower in fear. bless your heart.

  11. Oh, how I do not miss the days I was taking a list of meds and supplements like that. Now, thankfully, most of my (shortened) list is supplements, with 3 Rxs only. Ahhh, freedom!

    I'm wondering about your EPO - why do you only take it post-Peak? I've known people to take that to increase cervical mucus quality pre-Peak. And also, Vit C - could you possibly just up your intake in natural sources? Cuz it can have a drying effect on mucus.

    Sorry, I know you didn't list all this stuff to have people like me come along and question it - you're the expert on your own meds, not I ;)

    Please text me when you get a date for surgery!!!


  12. that is a very long list! Best of luck with the phone call and getting a date that works for you :)

    I have discovered that the library usually has a back room and a phone ... could that be an option for you?


  13. Holy MOLY!!! Now, thats a list! God Bless you...I hope you get a surgery date soon!!!

  14. That is quite a list. Impressed that you remember to take all the meds.

  15. You have the longest list of meds I've ever seen! (and I thought mine were bad ... but no contest!) Hoping your Omaha trip goes well ... it will ALL BE WORTH IT!! Just remember that! :)

  16. DUDE. That puts the second most horrifying list I've read (Fertile Thoughts, I think, or maybe it was FJIEJ) completely to shame. I am awed by your diligence in keeping up with all that stuff.

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