13 June 2011


[I have the day off to write report cards, instead I woke up at 10am, lazed around and got some marking done. And now that I have access to the shiny new computer, I've decided to blog. Procrastinate much?]

I just got off the phone with Dr. S's office in PA (thank you E for the hook-ups!)  and I finally got the lowdown on how much surgery is going to cost in PA. Needless to say, I'm shocked! I was told that the first visit would be $216, the lap/hysteroscopy/selective HSG would be $3500, but then the hospital fee (including anaesthesia) would be $28 000! I had to ask her to repeat herself since I was so shocked! I explained to her that we're totally not used to paying for any healthcare costs so anything seems high (the last time I was in the hospital I paid $16, and it was for the phone in my room). 

Holy moly.

I know that surgery in Om.aha will run about $13 000 (thanks Joyce for sharing your experience with me!) which is so much less, plus hotel. I'm hoping that we can work my BIL's Jesuit connections to help us out (have I mentioned that he studied at Creighton?). I'm leaning towards driving down since Mr. JB would need a vehicle while I'm recuperating and renting would just be that much more of an added cost. 

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, but at least my choice is clear. Right?


  1. What if you get to Omaha and Dr. Hilgers opens you up and then doesn't do everything all in one surgery? Isn't that common with him? Look at the costs of possibly two surgeries with him...maybe it would be cheaper to just go with Dr. S.
    Have you priced out the CEC in Atlanta? I know it's farther, but there are a few of us endo girls who have had amazing results having surgery there and Dr. Sinervo is an amazing guy. It might be worth getting a third "quote"...couldn't hurt anyway.
    I gotta say, that would be my first choice, and I've referred other women there with good results. They are world-renowned after all :).

  2. Even for us Americans, 28,000 is quite a price tag! I pray you can find funding and all the information you need to make the best choice! NE sure looks like a good option!

  3. 28k! That is a whole whack of money and no real guarantees of anything, personally I say save your money and use it towards adoption. I can't see what this guy will do that can't be done by someone like dr.lie, also world renowned and personally motivated, his wife has endo, and he is in Ontario for free, unless He has some sorta technology not availalbe in Canada?

  4. Oh JB! I am praying for you as you discern where to go. I know price is a major factor to consider! Callmemama makes a good point also about Hilgers. Unless the endo is minimal, he rarely gets it all done in one surgery.

    I also love the CEC:) Did you know that Dr. S is from Canada himself? Might not hurt to talk to him about the costs of surgery and your situation. I do know they always try to work with people. Will the Canadian healthcare system not pay for any of these costs? I know that might be a dumb question, but if you made the case that the service you need is not available in Canada, will they still not pay for any of it?

    JB, keep praying and trusting. God will make a way for you!

  5. There's another NaPro clinic in Austin, TX... http://www.vitaeaustin.com/

    I have no idea if they could work with you on pricing, but they are fairly new.

  6. Nadine, most of us have had to treat endo for our own health and well-being. It becomes such a life-altering disease, keeping us from living to the fullest (and kept me on the couch in pain for many years). Yes, we'd all love to become fertile after our surgeries, but for me (and a lot of other women) step one was just healing my body. I'm so thankful I did surgery, because even though I didn't get pregnant and we ended up adopting, I can actually care for my son without being in pain 90% of the time.
    I think taking care of endo should be the #1 concern, then pregnancy, but going to someone who will take care of the endo while preserving your fertility as much as possible is key here.

  7. Yeah, did I tell you about how I got my quote for the OWR/lap/SHSG with them in '08 and laughed cuz I thought she meant to say 25hundred? Haha, nope, she meant 25thousand.
    I'm surprised your hospital bill is more, are they definately going to need to do a laparotomy for you?? Cuz I can't see a laparoscopy costing that much...

    Also, like LH said, check with them about your situation - since insurance companies NEVER pay them in full, they would likely NOT charge you what they charge the insurance, and would be happy just to get a comparable amount from you that they get from insurance companies (MUCH less than $28 grand!)

  8. I have always felt you should go straight to Dr. Hilgers.

  9. Holy moly!!! That's a lot of money!!

    I'm praying that you will get the answers you need and that things go smoothly for you, you totally deserve it!!

    Praying for you girly!

  10. I second you checking with the CeC, they were wonderful! I also agree with sarahs statement, disentangle Hilgers usually require more than one visit/surgery? Talk to them about not having ins, it's usually less.

  11. OMG!!!!!! no wonder your shocked, I can not believe that number! And I agree with Call me Mama, your health is SO important!!

  12. I am actually surprised that NB isn't higher. When I lived in the US, medical costs, even with insurance, were so high. There is nothing like good old OHIP.

    It shouldn't have to come down to dollars and cents. But it so often does with all of the family building choices, surgery, treatment, adoption. It sucks.

    Are you going to start the adoption process or wait until after the surgery to see what happens?

  13. Hi! I was in your exact same place 1 year and a few months ago. I am also out of country for the US and my insurance covered everything here, but not in the US. It was a hard decision, but one I will never regret.
    This was my experience:
    Dr. H finds and fixes things that even the best of the best many times dont. I had a previous lap with a top top doctor and one that I continue to love and Dr. H found endo where there was none to see and fixed it. Its true that he does sometimes 2 surgeries, but its my understanding this is in 40% of the cases. maybe this is something that you can speak with him about prior to yours. The added value: he will look at your whole case and give you top napro treatment, you will be there not only for the operation but to really understand your real chances and diagnosis. This was key for me. I knew that this meeting with him would be my very last chance and I had to have it to have peace of mind. I got pregnant 3 months after the surgery with him (had a miscarriage) but I am sure I would not have gotten pregnant without my vist to Omaha.
    My costs were almost 10 K USD (3 something for DR H and the rest the hosptial and some tests)I did not do the U/S there so I saved this. PPVI negotiated with the hosptial for me and i got a discount since I did not have insurance. PPVI was extremely helpful in this respect. The hotel I used also has a negotiated rate with Creighton and PPVI. 85 USD a day with free shuttle service, breakfast and dinner included and kitchen. I can share the name with you. We did not have to rent a car, they took us everywhere and we also saved tons by buying food. Please send me an email in case yoj need anything.

  14. I have an amazing NaPro dr in Central Ohio. He is in a private practice not a "NaPro clinic" but he is very highly regarded. I recently had a polyp removed and he was so gentle during the surgery I had no post op pain at all. All of the nurses and other drs raved about my dr, saying what good hands I was in, etc. My insurance covered the surgery but my entire bill was only about $4,000. Feel free to email me if you want the dr's name and contact information. kat_eyez23@yahoo.com

  15. I think some (all?) of the NaPro doctors - certainly including Hilgers - also want patients to stay behind for several days or a week, not only to remove the Gore-Tex with which he wraps the internal incision areas (my surgeon used something else which doesn't have to be removed, but apparently Hilgers is still loyal to Gore-Tex; don't know why but I'm sure he has a reason) but also to do an ultrasound series to make sure ovulation is occurring properly. I assume that's something you can have (or have had?) done at home already, but maybe it would be worth finding out which other things Dr. H will require and pricing them all? There's nothing like knowing the bottom line.

  16. Oh, wow! I'm praying for your discernment and that you can find funding!

  17. I'm sort of on the same page as Nadine - can you just go to Dr K Lie (who is reported to be the best endo guy in Ontario)? And then use the $$ for adoption start while you're waiting? I've heard Dr Lie is into meditation and diet changes - probably you'd get on famously, since you're already so committed to everything, he couldn't lecture you about anything!

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