16 June 2011

Yet another reminder that IF is a full time job

As if I had a doubt!

In the midst of the end of the school year frenzy (Report cards? What report cards?), I took the day off to see my FertilityCare practictioner and my Napro doc.

We hadn't been to see L is LONG time so we had quite the appointment. Since we started seeing L in early 2008 a lot has happened in our lives, and despite the pain if IF, my life has improved. It is so hard to see the wonderful fruits that I have reaped in our journey to make a baby -- my overall health has improved, I've met a large network of like-minded women, I've made choices that my heart and conscience are proud of -- we just have one last piece of the puzzle to make the ending a happy one.

L is also certain that my issue is something structural. My mucus scores are good, my hormones are good (although I learned something new about when to get my Peak +7 bloodwork done, I've been taking my shots on P + 4, 6, 8, and 10, but going for my bloodwork on Peak + 7 when I should be waiting until Peak +8, oops!), but we still aren't getting pg. She is pretty excited at our decision to go Omaha for surgery and she is so sure that Dr. Hil.gers will be able to help us.

Our appointment with Dr. T went well too. I finally convinced her that I should be tested for MTHFR -- woohoo!!! Unfortunately she told me that she applied to OHIP for surgery in Omaha for another patient and she was denied. The only positive was that she was told that if she could get a gynecologist to review the file that they would review the case again. Dr. T is going to speak to a ob/gyn that she knows (who is trained as a Napro physician, but not a surgeon) and hopefully he can see me so he can write a letter on my behalf.

We told Dr. T that regardless of whether or not my surgery is covered or not we are going to go ahead. Mr. JB and I are in total agreement that this is our last shot and too many things have pointed us in the direction of going to Omaha -- for example in the car this morning Mr. JB asked me what Dr. Hil.ger's first name was. Well he almost had a coronary when I told him because it's the same name as a famous football coach from Nebraska (have I mentioned that Mr. JB is a HUGE Corn.husker fan? He's pumped about going to Omaha and being around all the football!). He said that if we have a boy we have to include Thomas as one of the names.

Anyhow, my appointment with Dr. T was very productive. Not only did I get the requisition to test for MTHFR, but she is also going to have me re-tested for my insulin resistance, Vitamin D levels as well as my thyroid hormones. She also thinks that I can have my ultrasound series done here rather than in Omaha -- it would be such a cost saver if we could do that! She also went over the medications that I have to stop before I have my ultrasound series and bloodwork done. Thankfully, I don't have to give up H.ydrocort (or the supplements from Dr. Nora)! I only have to stop my post-Peak medications (HCG and Es.trace). I'm going to stop my medications in July in preparation for all of the testing. Now that will be an adventure!

Dr. T was also concerned about my cervix since I never, ever have dry days (I can count on one hand how many green stickers I've used!). So she examined my cervix and said that it was inflamed so she ran an electrical current on it (I can't remember the official name, pracitioners do you know what it's called?). She also took some swabs since she was already down there, and I wouldn't be surprised if I had some sort of infection (particularly since the IMT therapist talked about infection in my body) going on. I've already noticed a difference! Perhaps I can use a green sticker tomorrow!

In the midst of our IF-related appointments today Mr. JB and I did have a nice lunch at a local vegetarian place. Despite the service being super slow service and having to eat fast (which I am very, very bad at!), it was delicious! It's not far from the place that I have to pick up my liquid herbs so I'm sure that we will be back.

Our first appointment was at 9am and we didn't get home until 4pm -- a full day's work. I am so blessed to be able to take the time off guilt-free and that my husband can do the same. I am planning to tell my principal about my upcoming surgery which will most likely happen in the fall (Dr. T thinks October, but I don't hear from the scheduling nurse until the end of July). I am going to take as much time as I need since I want to be completely recovered before going back. I hope that I will be able to start the school year, but then take six to eight weeks off.

Or at least I hope they think that!

I feel at peace at our decision and it has been so long since I have felt this hopeful. I know that God has lead us to this point and that we have to trust that all of this will work out --  money, logistics, being able to schedule my surgery, etc.

Jesus, I trust in you!


  1. I have so much hope for you and am excited you are going to Omaha. You will have tons of blog prayer support. :)

  2. I totally understand what you mean about going to Omaha and it just feeling right. The details will fall into place. Although, my first surgery resulted in a lot of "discoveries" I continue to feel at peace about surgery #2. PPVI has a way of doing that!

  3. Can't wait!! Things are looking good!!

  4. Sounds like a good day! I'm a teacher too and am off right now for the summer. There is no way I could be going to two doctors so far away if I didn't have the time off. This really is a full time job;) Can't wait to hear how your story unfolds.

  5. Girl!! I hear ya! I am taking next year of of teaching, because it just isn't conducive to being infertile.
    Maybe I will meet you in Omaha?! I just got my surgery date- October 12th!! (I asked for it to be in October...they aren't that backed up!).

  6. I'm seriously jumping out of my seat with excitement! I cannot wait for this to get rolling! So hopeful for you!!!

  7. Although I'm sorry you had to take it at all, it sounds like a nice day off to be able to deal with everything at once. I'm excited for your surgery too - I wish you didn't have to wait until the fall! (See, trouble with patience). See you on Sat!

  8. Peace and happiness in our decisions is always hard to find but once you find it ..it is so gratifying! I think we are both on a similar journey but our upcoming surgeries are for different reasons or is it? We are both hoping that after the surgery we can hopefully get pregnant. I might not have my surgery till after the fall since i will be only seeing my doctor in the Fall! Good luck on your upcoming surgery in Omaha! I need some of that positive vibe you got going there and courage to help me begin my journey for my own upcoming surgery! HUGS!

  9. I'm so happy you pushed Dr.T for the testing, she REALLY needs to be forced sometimes to do stuff, good job! Can't wait to see how things unfold with Dr.H and OHIP! The Lord is at work :)

  10. Sounds great! I wouldn't be surprised, if after all that pushing for MTHFR testing, you wind up surprising your Dr and yourself with the results of compound heterozygous mutation ;) That's what happened in my case!

    I am very hopeful for you!

  11. SO happy things are moving forward!

  12. Lots of hope & prayer for you!......things are looking positive for you and I hope it all comes together! God bless!