18 November 2008

I love procrastination

I'm in the height of report card season, so of course I'm spending LOTS of time on the internet. I've picked out my next pair of comfy boots and found them on sale. I've caught up with as many people as I could on F.aceb.ook. I also spent a lot of time this evening updating on my blog (notice the new blog list -- I was envious similar lists on other blogs so I acquired my own). All of this, but no work on my report cards.

I'm not very good at having unfinished work hanging over my head -- a very bad trait for a teacher since there is always work to do! I haven't been able to find my report card writing groove and I'm not trying very hard to find it.

Last Friday we had the day off to write reports. When I arrived at my very quiet school (Mr. JB was working at home so I knew that I would get little done!) there was a guy from physical plant installing bulletin boards, three months late. Instead of having full reign over my classroom, I had to find another place to work. I'm the kind of girl that needs a certain mood, certain songs on the CD player, and every resource at my fingertips. Needless to say being relegated to the boring old computer lab was not conducive to working.

So I'm at t-minus six days until my deadline and instead of toiling away I've been farting around my kitchen and I've been doing some serious bonding with my laptop. Am I stressed? Of course. Do I really want to do anything about it? No.

One would think that writing 21 report cards would be a good distraction from my misbehaving ladyparts, but I just have no desire to do them. At least today I didn't see the return of the brown.

I'm off to numb my brain with some bad reality TV. Report cards, what report cards?


p.s. I left a card for my co-worker that had a miscarriage last week. She still hasn't been back to school, so I hope that her supply teacher left it in a safe place.


  1. If you have 6 days left, you have tons of time. That is almost a whole week. And there is an entire weekend in there. I would hardly call that procrastination. At least not yet. :)

  2. Ditto! I'm a teacher too and I always struggle with getting my grades finished. (Usually I can't get to my report cards because I haven't finished grading yet!) Good luck. I generally turn to cleaning the house when I'm procrastinating... :)

  3. I am the queen of procrastination.

    But I bet you always get your stuff done, even if you have to stay up all night to do it!
    By the way, I think it was very thoughtful of you to remember your teacher friend's miscarriage by sending her a card. She will really appreciate that:)

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