16 November 2008


I love the colour brown. Our incredibly comfortable couch is brown. All of the wood in our house is a deep, deep brown. Almost all of the walls in my house, save one that is deep red, are brown (our bedroom is painted a tasty colour called "Tiramisu"). My hair and eyes are brown.

My love for brown came slowly. You see I love for things to match -- my shoes have to match my purse, my hat has to match my gloves, my bracelet has to match my earrings. Falling in love with the brown clothing trend meant that I had to invest in a new winter jacket, scarf, gloves and hat. I also had to ensure that I had the proper accessories. Trust me, it wasn't a hardship to look for all of these things since I love to shop. And my search for the perfect warm, but stylish brown hat has helped me focus my latest trips to the shops, although I'm thinking that I'm just going to learn how to knit so I can just be done with it.

So what brings me to my diatribe on brown? Well, my ladyparts seems to have decided that since I love brown so much that they need to give me seven days of brown bleeding. I'm on day 15 of my cycle and it's the first day that I haven't seen any sort of spotting. This is my longest stint of bleeding/spotting since May.

Weren't the HCG injections supposed to help stop 14 day-long periods?

Needless to say I'm feeling incredibly bummed out. Not only did I get hardly any work done on my report cards (bad excuse, I was out having fun instead of working), but now I'm thinking that there is something seriously wrong. I really should've taken Mrs. X's advice, but I really can't stay away from Dr. Google.

It also doesn't help that I spent all weekend visiting with friends that have kids -- on Saturday night we went out with Mr. JB's high school friends who all have the perfect two kid families. Although we've never discussed our IF openly with them there are so many times where I think that I'm wearing a placard saying "Barren" around my neck. Then today we attended my best friend's daughter's fifth birthday party. I don't usually find it hard to be around other people's children, but being around my old roommate that is pregnant (baby number two, try one) was really hard.

We see our doctor on the 26th and I really hope that I don't drive myself mad trying to diagnose every strange twinge in my belly. Perhaps I should distract myself by actually working on my report cards. Then again, the new C.anadian H.ouse and H.ome is on my front hall table and I'd much rather imagine my new kitchen than be productive....


  1. Shit, I'm sorry, JB.

    I'll join you in the mad pursuit of distraction...

  2. When I sent my charts to Dr. Hilgers, he said my brown bleeding pointed to infection... Sure enough, here I am being treated for infection. I'm no Dr, but to me it makes sense that your brown bleeding got slightly better with other treatments (especially antibiotics) for a short time, but then went back- if it IS infection, this seems apropos.

    Maybe it's time for a good ol' letter to Dr. H? Or you can check out the yahoo group I joined (Dr Toth patients)- you can find it under "discussion board" on the scroll bar here:
    I really hope you get to the bottom of this!

  3. I really hope and pray you can resolve all that bleeding soon. I am so sorry !!

  4. I hate the mysterious brown and I hate that you have to put up with it. But, I stand by my advice! Do anything except go on Dr. Google.