11 May 2008

And today's episode is brought to you by....

The letter B!

All week I've been feeling really hostile. I've been incredibly tired and grouchy which I'm going to blame on extreme end of the year exhaustion and not on PMS or just being crazy. It also didn't help that I got a yeast infection. Honestly, I believe that my lady parts are holding a revolt against me. I'm going to blame the invasion of the yeastie beasties on wearing the wrong type of underpants to yoga last week and I'm sticking to it. AND I've also done something to my IT band on my left side so I couldn't go to yoga yesterday or today.


But despite all of the anger and hostility the letter B does not stand for bitchy.

When we got home from church this morning Mr. JB's dad called to wish me Happy Mother's Day.


Well, really he left a message saying that he had to speak to Mr. JB and the Happy Mother's Day was just a tag-on at the end. He really wanted to mention that he had some gossip to share and that it was too cold to plant flowers at Mr. JB's mom's grave. I realize that at 71 he just wasn't thinking about what he was saying, but come on!

Even before our incredibly frustrating TTC journey Mother's Day has been bittersweet. My mother being the crazy lady that she is has always made the day difficult. It was always easier when I was in a totally different city or even better a totally different country and I could send her something and placate her. But now that I'm a homeowner in generally the same vicinity, I am obligated to play the dutiful daughter and invite her over to our house. Which is a total joke.

My issues with my crazy mother could fill volumes, but since her manipulation surrounding my birthday (see here if you're interested in the lowdown) is still really pissing me off. It took her until the end of March to come over to give me my birthday present (and it took digging in my heals and refusing to go to their house). My birthday is at the end of January. We live in the same city only a twenty minute drive away. She also went to visit my cousin's baby on my birthday instead of coming to see me. She also manipulated us into paying for her plane ticket to the Dominican Republic for her sixtieth birthday (she said that she found a ticket for $200, which then changed to $300 and then I just finally cut her a cheque for $500 just to shut her up). Well, she's decided that the tickets are just too expensive and that she's just going to buy a new mattress with the money we gave her. Yeah right.

So I'm tired of dealing with her and the fact that I still am not a mom is turning the knife just that little bit more.

There isn't a Happy You're Barren Day card. There isn't a special brunch that I can get taken to. Last time I checked there aren't any commercials that celebrate my empty uterus and childless life.

So this B is for me and for the rest of my sisters in struggle. I don't think that I'm ready to sport the B as my new spring fashion accessory, but I'm going to own it.

And hopefully, one day I will get a Mother's Day card and not just an awkward message from my well-meaning father-in-law.



  1. There should be a Happy You're Barren Day, or at least a Sorry You're Barren Day, because the thought of being taken out to brunch for it sounds really good! I'm going to suggest that to my husband.

    Sorry you have to deal with that with your mother. That can't make the day any easier. I'm praying for you to feel better soon!

  2. I will wear my B right along with you. I will wear it proudly and even tell people it doesn't stand for bitch!

    I am glad you survived the evening with your parents. You mom really has some balls to decide to buy a mattress instead of what you had given her the money for.

    I was thinking of you today. You are not alone.

  3. I'm so sorry about the annoying stuff with your mom. I agree with allyouwhohope, too--I think all the stuff we've gone through deserves a Sorry You're Barren brunch at the very least!

  4. I think your mother and my mother should get together!

    I'm with you.

    Blah. For me? B is for Blah.

    Here's to a Mother's Day Card next year!

  5. I'm so sorry you had go through that with your mom.

  6. Yes mothers day is this weird awful, awkward hell of a day, but, the good news is, we have another year tell we have to face it again.
    As for the nasty yeast monster, I SUFFERED from it, like probably every second month for years and years, well I have practically given up on wheat, the nasty little bugger it is and I have not had one since - just a thought.

    this comment was brought to you by the letter H - as in the Hell with manipulating mothers (it's crazy that we want to become one of those m- things after suffering under the thumb of manipulation).

  7. I found you via your comment at All You Who Hope. I am looking forward to reading your blog and your blog roll. Stirrup Queen and Who Shot My Stork, these I've got to read.

    I know your pain, Mother's Day is the hardest day of the year for me too.

  8. Lets hope for a Mom's Day card next year, but hey--if not--Ill wear a big ole B, and put a big ole BITCH on the back.

  9. Hi. I'm a new reader. I know I'm a little late in commenting on this post, but I just wanted to say hi. I hope that you are in a better place now than you were when you posted this. I know the end of the school year is stressful anyway, but you've got a lot of added stressers in the mix too. Take care of yourself, keep up the yoga and do something fun. That's my bit of assvice for today... =)