14 March 2014

Learning to be lazy

I thought I was going to die yesterday. 

I'm not exaggerating. 

Not one bit. 

We went to the mainland to visit a girlfriend who moved there last year (can I say jealous enough????). I didn't think that the ferry would be a big deal, but it was. 

I don't mind little boats.

That are propelled by oars. 

That are close to shore.

Larger, faster boats.

Non, merci.

I will never go on a cruise. 

When we were in town earlier this week I could barely look at the cruise ships docked in the harbour. I felt like hyperventilating when my friend asked if we wanted to see her ship.

Again, non, merci.

So the ferry ride was incredibly bumpy because of the bad weather and wind. 

I have never been so grateful to have my rosary with me. Did I ever work those beads!!! 

A bunch of you got some prayers last night! 

So this morning instead of getting up for a run I decided to sleep in. 

For those of you that have followed this blog, you know that is a big deal. 

I don't usually say no to exercise, unless I'm injured or sick.

Of which I was neither.

I chose to be lazy.

And watch re-runs of Frie.nds.

I will be partaking in the pool aerobics, but I can't imagine it will be too taxing.

Maybe this is a first step in forgiving my body?

Perhaps I'm trying to be kinder?

I'm trying hard not to feel guilty, because I do. 

But I will resist the urge to run back to our room and put on my running shoes.

Instead I promise to stay under my palapa and read magazines.

If I say it here, I can't very well do the opposite, right? 


  1. Love Love Love Lazy Days! Enjoy!!

  2. Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time :)

  3. Sounds like a lovely day!!! Hope you get another one soon.

  4. As a Type B personality over here, I say, yes, please be lazy!! It's good for you! (See even laziness can be productive? Does that help? :)).

  5. Hello! Just saw this link for an opportunity to adopt a baby in Southwestern Ontario, and thought you should see it in case you and your husband are interested. https://www.facebook.com/AdoptionInCanada/posts/646568035409049

    God bless you!