9 March 2014

Getting away from it all

2014 is only three months old and I feel like I've been run ragged.

An INCREDIBLY cold winter (even by Canadian standards) plus a crazy class on top of furiously preparing for the end of our homestudy process has burnt me out. 

Have I mentioned that I was sick with the flu then a horrible chest cold for most of January and February? 

And that I'm trying to train for a 10K in May?

Thank goodness that we're not (actively) TTC! 

That would surely take me over the edge. 

Not that I have far to go.

I am so grateful that Mr JB booked a vacation down south. 

No boots. 

Or coats. 

Or scarves.

Or hats. 

For a blessed week. 

I didn't tell him, but I'm considering this our babymoon.

I'm hoping that this time next year we won't be able to afford a vacation because I'll be home with our kids (Yes, friends that is plural.  The JellyBellies are open to adopting a sibling group!). 

I am sending prayers and warm thoughts to all of you. I promise to toast all of you from the beach! 

p.s. I bring you the first towel animal of the trip. This guy was waiting for us on our bed when we arrived. LOVE towel animals! 


  1. Wishing you a relaxing and joyfilled vacation!

  2. I hope you get an amazing sibling group. So many people are scared of sibling groups so good for you being open to it. Enjoy your babymoon x

  3. I am tired just reading about your 2014! Enjoy that vacation - love the "babymoon" idea, and I am praying that yes, next year, you'll be home with your kidS! So *exciting.*

  4. I love towel animals too!!! Hope you have a fabulous, WARM, time :).
    And you know I'm praying!

  5. Enjoy, I wish I could get out of this weather too.

  6. Hope you have a great vacation! Enjoy the warmth.

  7. Enjoy this trip, the relaxation that the sun and beach brings, and your time out of the cold!!