16 April 2014

Holy Week Happenings

I apologize for my post-Mexico absence.

I've had a tough Lenten season.

Actually, I've had an extremely difficult school year and after we returned from our vacation down south, I was ready to quit my job.

Or at least take an extended leave of absence.

I know that I'm not new to education.

I also know that I have had difficult classes, and difficult students.

But this group is just taking EVERYTHING out of me.

It also doesn't help that my immune system is on strike and that I've been sick four times since the new year started.

I also have an incredibly sore left shoulder. No, I didn't fall or do anything to hurt myself.

It's stress.

My body is on strike.

Have I mentioned that I'm trying to train for a 5K at the beginning of May?

But I digress....

It did strike me a couple of weeks ago that I needed to rise above all of these trials -- physical, mental and spiritual, and that perhaps I was going through such a hard time so I could walk the 40 days of Lent very closely with our Lord.

It wasn't just enough to give up my trips to St.arbucks, but I needed to get in touch with faith.

Mr. JB and I have attended the Stations of the Cross at our parish on Friday nights since Lent started and it has been such a fantastic way to remind me that my suffering is just a small fraction of what Jesus went through for us. Every time I get frustrated, I look at the crucifix in my classroom and I ask Him to help me be more patient. Instead of yelling at my class, I stop and say a quiet prayer and I try to move on and redirect the student that's doing something aggravating/silly/plain stupid (let's just say that there's been A LOT of praying!).

So, despite having a trying Lent, The Lord has given me a couple of gifts:

I saw my Napro doctor last week and miraculously my FSH has dropped!!!! Since I'm on the bare minimum of meds (i.e. post-Peak HCG to keep the PMS beast at bay), it was shocking to me. My FSH has been over twenty basically since my surgeries in Omaha, and even with drug intervention it didn't go down. We decide to stop (actively) TTC and it goes down to 11. 

Not the best number, but amazing for me!

My doctor was pleasantly surprised and couldn't figure out a medical explanation. My answer was, "God works in mysterious ways."

Also, our homestudy is done! All we have to do is sign it and give it back to our social worker. We have some paperwork to do for the Ch.ildren's A.id So.ciety so we can be assigned a caseworker. Please pray that our homestudy is approved quickly!

I want to wish all of you a very Happy Easter. The JBs are heading out of town so I don't know how much internet I'm going to have. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers. Although I haven't been commenting I have been keeping with the blogosphere. You all continue to be in my prayers!


  1. I know all about challenging teaching years. Ugh. Stress can do some weird and horrible things to ones body. My chiro told me today that I have to get back to yoga...I did find a place that does it later so that might work. Yeah that your home study is done!

  2. I am new to your blog; just wanted to say hi and introduce myself :) I can completely relate to your body feeling like it's "on strike"--I feel exactly the same way right now. I'm about to start my third round of Clomid, and my husband and I are in preliminary adoption talks (praying that God speaks to his heart and he is ready to move forward). I'm sorry you've had such a difficult Lent this year! A quote I have always remembered from another blogger is "you know you're having a difficult Lent when you don't get to pick your sacrifices." Prayers for you, that your Easter is joyful!

  3. Wishing you & Mr. JB a Happy Easter.

  4. Blessed Holy Thursday, and may the Lord bring you many Easter blessings!!!

  5. Hooray for your home study being done and your FSH dropping! Prayers for a joyful Easter for you.

  6. Teaching the little ones can be HARD, and some years really are grinding. Prayers for a restful weekend, and a Blessed Easter season for you and Mr JB.

  7. I hope that the worst is behind. I hope for a full house for you two very soon!

  8. Sorry you are having such a trying year! I hope the rest of it goes quickly and you had a good holiday. yay for homestudy being done!

  9. Happy Easter and hooray for finishing your home study!! Hopefully your forever baby will join your family very soon!!

  10. Happy Easter! That's a HUGE FSH drop! I've never understood what mine was up to, but it can't be a bad thing for it to go down, right? And glad to hear you're making progress on the home study!

  11. Hi, JB! Long time no see! I wanted to check in with you and see how things were. I will pray that your home study is quickly approved. How exciting for you and Mr. JB! :-)

  12. Happy Easter to you as well. I am very happy to see you here again:) Just keep exercising and enjoying every moment of life. Because it's the best way to spend a life. Good day!

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