11 February 2013

And we're off...

First off, thank you so much for your prayers during our first month of Adopt-a-Blogger! I have felt your prayers and I appreciate them so much. I am beyond blessed.

Mr. JB and I had a meeting with our social worker/my IF therapist this evening. I wanted her to meet Mr. JB before we officially started the home study process, but we ended up talking about all things adoption since I didn't have any issues to talk about -- again, your prayers have helped!

Since we already completed our PR.IDE training the home study should only take about three or four months. She even thinks that we may be far advanced in the process that we could go to the Adopti.on Re.source E.xchange that's happening in April. At the ARE all of the Chi.ldren's Ai.d Societ.ies in Ontario present children that are up for adoption -- kind of like a massive presentation of all the available kids that need homes. I can't believe that we would be at that point so soon, but we already have the first two home study appointments set and it'll only take two more after that.

I'm sure that there will be stress involved in the process, but I feel like this is what we should be doing at this point.

Could we be adoptive parents by the end of the year? By next year?

We are ready.

Bring it!

The biggest issue is that we also need some work done around our house and the estimate is about $2000 and the home study costs $2600 plus tax. I'm guessing that the latter is going to be the focus, and perhaps we'll get another quote for the work since it seems that the cost is higher than I expected. We definitely don't have the cash to do both! And since paying off our Omaha bills we would like to refinance our mortgage so we could pay off our line of credit (what we used to pay off the extra costs of my surgeries). Our financial planner seems to be taking a really LONG time to figure out the best way to do this. It doesn't bode well.

And it's also P+15 and I'm sure that AF is right around the corner.

The fun never ends!


  1. I am offerring up the heap of crap that has crashed onto me in the last week or so for you - and just knowing that you are feeling the prayers and feeling so good about your adoption journey makes it all worth it!

    (And I'm still praying AF never shows up :)).

  2. I just offered up the frustration of writing an English paper for you. Arrgghh!! I am beyond done with this class!

    Can I just say I LOVE(!) how excited you sound about adoption!!! Its the sound of hope!

  3. I love that our prayers are working! You have gotten some doozies offered up from me. And don't worry, it will be a very fruitful week ahead too. ;-)
    I hope you speed through the home study process and have the fastest placement time for a child in your arms!!

  4. Hope AF stays far, far away!! Prayers for a quick home study process!! (and a windfall of $$$)

  5. Praying for you as you start the home study process!

  6. Isn't it ironic that when we offer to carry the load and offer it up for someone, we get *quite* the load?? ;) I am happy to pray you through this... and am so excited about your future!!

  7. I'm offering up my next round of hc.g shots for you! That is great that you are starting this new adventure with such a positive attitude.

    Bring it on!

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