12 January 2012

The Case of the Missing CM -- Calling all CrMS Peeps!

Since my first laparotomy in August 2009 I haven't had any issues with cervical mucus. In fact, I didn't use green stickers until my surgeries in Omaha. Dr. Hilgers worked some magic on my cervix to make that happen!

My first post-op cycle was SUPER short (19 days long), but I had beautiful CM for three days, but this cycle nothing. Well, barely nothing. I know that it's because I took Clom.id on CD6, 7, 8 and 9 (yes, I know it was late, but my local doctor said that it couldn't hurt). 

So this is what my chart looks like:
CD1-6 red stickers (a pretty normal period)
CD7 red sticker (Bx3, 10CLx2 -- only one day of brown, yay!!!!)
CD8 10KLx2,
CD9-12 10SLAD
CD13 green sticker
CD14 10KLx2, 10SLx3
CD15 10CLx1, 10KLx1 (thus far)

I thought that the 10KL was just because Mr. JB and I "used a day of fertility" and I wasn't thorough enough while bearing down.

[Honest to Pete, IF has really taken away my inhibitions! Yes, I lost the majority of mine while in the hospital in Omaha and the doctor had to examine me because I was having some pelvic pain. Let's just say there was an upside down bedpan and some scooching to the edge of the bed involved. Thank God for all of the good, deep yogic breathing I've learned!]

So here is my question: When is my Peak day? I've never double-Peaked before, but I do have newly renovated ladyparts. My biggest concern is when I am supposed to start HCG which I'm supposed to take on Peak +3, 5, 7, and 9.

Btw, pre-surgery Peak was usually on CD17 or 18.


p.s. Happy 600th post to me!


  1. I think CrMS would error on the side of last day with ANY fertile type mucus. Things still might be straightening out from your surg. Hoping it gets all straightened out!

  2. Looks like it could be a double peak, or CD 8 was a fluke. I'd say you haven't peaked yet since you had 10KL today. Wait and see what happens and it CD 15 (or later) turns out to be Peak. You should see a shift in your CM soon!

  3. After my surgery I had a somewhat similar "pattern"... it wasn't a lot and it seemed to "skip a day".. I thought maybe I double-peaked but I'm not sure. I think it's a GOOD thing that you're seeing less mucus - Dr Keefe told me that I was constantly having mucus bc my body was trying over and over to ovulate (unsuccessfully)...I think those were her words :) So anyway, less might be more in this case! You still obviously want to have SOME and you did! No worries!

  4. I agree with PPW- it looks like you still could peak or day 15 is peak. But, remember, I'm always graded as a poor charter so I'm not the most reliable person- Haha!!

  5. A very similar thing happened to me one post-surgery cycle. I had a peak, and then took HCG, and then had another peak on what would have been P+5. It was frustrating, but I called the nurses at PPVI and they said you have to go off of the second peak. I'm pretty sure it was a fluke--I didn't normally double-peak, in fact I'm not sure if I ever had before. But, I restarted the HCG after the second peak, as instructed. I do think it was a fluke, b/c I didn't conceive that cycle and never double peaked again. Here's hoping it's a one-time problem.

  6. I'm confused.. that looks like good mucus to me! Lots of 10kl. What do you normally have??

    I'm no expert but it looks to me like you haven't peaked yet (or, you'll find out tomorrow or the next day that you peaked today). I'm guessing the cd13 was either a fluke or it was there and you just didn't see it. Plus, instead of a green sticker, wouldn't cd 13 actually be peak plus 1? Then you'd go back to reg white baby stickers the next day. I probably wouldn't consider the possibility of a double peak unless I got through p+3. But I don't know if that's a "rule" or just the way I'd look at it. And, like I said, I'm no expert and haven't even worked with one in almost a year! :)

    And just curious.. how come you record more than just the most fertile mucus for a particular day? Just wondering because I've never done that and didn't know if it was special instructions or if I'm just out of the charting loop.. which is entirely possible ;)

  7. My lecture: CD15 Peak... ...or until you have a change to non Peak type mucus. Hoping is not so far away.

    Could be possible that green day you missed any mucus?

    Important to try to deal more than friendly with stress this days because you have been living so many things together.

    Praying for you!! ;)

  8. It looks like you haven't peaked yet. You just had one day of no mucus (the green sticker) then had more good mucus. I would say use all the good mucus days you can. ;)

  9. I second what others are saying... you don't appear to have peaked yet or maybe you're peaking right now. You may have had a split peak situation (this happened to me a lot in the past year... I have a random day or two of dry in the middle of a mucus build-up - as you know, though, those dry days are still considered fertile and get the green baby sticker). Isn't it awesome how, the minute you have to time meds based on P+3, Peak Day makes itself mysterious? :)

  10. Doesn't look like you've reached Peak yet, and that you're having a Split Peak.

    I had a few dry-er cycles the past few... last one was 8KL x 1 on one day only. The herbs helped tremendously, and I decreased one of my supplements that had a lot of Vit C in it.

  11. You might as well be speaking spanish! I wish I could help, but, I'm just not informed at all about the lady bits (and when we did try all those years ago I just did, mucous = ovulation, could be why I didn't get knocked up that way!).

    I did take Femera once a long time again and I started it on day 3, so it's interesting that you take it at a different time.

    I'm still hanging onto hope here for you!

  12. I agree with the above...I would wait and see how CD 16 goes. Coming from someone with terrible mucus scores and a frequent late (and double) peaker- that looks like good mucus to me! Is it weird to say I'm kind of jealous? :)

  13. Just wanted to add that clomid for me was very drying. I never had peak type mucus although we did conceive on it. I think your mucus looks very promising so far!

  14. Second Chances - I'm so glad you said that! I don't chart CrMS, so I have nothing helpful to say to JB (sorry), but I just finished 5 days of tamoxifen this cycle and my cm seems to have disappeared. Based on what you and JB say about the clomid causing it, I won't panic.

  15. Happy 600th Post!
    I agree with the ladies that say CD15 is your peak, if you didn't see any peak type mucus on P+16. Maybe your mucus was "hiding" on your green sticker day. I swear mine does that all the time!

  16. wow! yay on your 600th post! Good for you! now you deserve that glass of redwine!